Anyone know how to setup WebMail add-on for Thunderbird?

The ThunderBird 2 add-on WebMail purports to be able to read webmail in Thunderbird. But from what I can tell, it only supports POP, SMTP, and IMAP protocols, which ThunderBird already does itself!

I have several Yahoo email accounts, and I don’t want to pay to upgrade them to support POP access. Can anyone figure out if WebMail actually supports http WebMail after all, or is “WebMail” a misnomer?

You need both the main Webmail add-on and a secondary Webmail add-on specific to the service you want - Yahoo in your case. I use it with Hotmail and it works fine.

Thanks for your reply, I had already installed both the main add-on and the Yahoo-specific add-on, yet between them, they only support POP, SMTP, and IMAP protocols. My understanding (which may well be flawed) is that none of them are appropriate for a web-only email provider such as standard Yahoo mail (I realize that one can pay for the upgraded Yahoo Mail Plus that provides a POP3 interface, but that’s not what I want to do).

Again, my problem is that I don’t understand how I can setup the WebMail/Yahoo combo to support an http-protocol provider such as standard Yahoo.

It would help if you would be so kind as to report your settings that allow you to use web-only/http Hotmail. Thanks!

I set up up Webmail for an old Yahoo account I had and it worked OK. This is most definitely NOT any sort of premium account.

Let’s say I was setting it up for

Go to the properties for the account. On the first page make sure that Email Address is set to

On the Server Settings page I used defaults for everything except user name where I had to fill in my full email address

Hope that helps some.