Anyone know Mandarin or Japanese? Pet Hedgehog name suggestions?

I’m trying to find the Mandarin and Japanese word for “Hedgehog”…I tried some online dictionaries…no help…I’ve got a new pet albino (male) hedgehog and I’m at a loss as to what to name him…I’m open to suggestions! But I thought I might find out what the mandarin and japanese words for “hedgehog” are and if one of them sounds cool enough it might become his name…I really don’t want to gve him a generic name like “spike” or “sonic”…anyone know those words or have any suggestions?

~Angel E. Dixon

Dunno about “hedgehog,” but how about “wu sow”? “Moustache” or “beard,” depending on your translation.

ciwei in mandarin. both pronounced in the 4th tone

(not japanese, but a suggestion nontheless)

call it “nordom”, or “kibur”.

(those aren’t random names; they mean something. well, not the first so much, but the second.)

I don’t really know Japanese, but a dictionary I have says hedgehog in Japanese is harinezumi.

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go sum do chi (all one word, but split up so you can see the syllables)

The Japanese, harinezumi, means “needle mouse”. That’s the word for a hedgehog.

The word for echidna is harimogura, “needle mole”.

Hari meaning “needle”, you could just call him Harry.

Toot’sle is Rabbit in Cantonese. That’s kind of cute.

How about “Jen”?

Forgot to mention, “Jen” is ‘sharp’ or ‘sword’ in mandarin.

Hau Tong. Literally means “very painful”, but I prefer to define it as “Ouch!”


My ex-girlfriend was Chinese, and she taught my dog a lot of Mandarin. How about calling the hedgehog “Si-ao MUN-toh”? Wait, I’m not doing that right…

“Shi-ow MUN-toh.” Slur it a little bit, put a tiny emphasis on the second syllable of shi-ow, and it might come out right. It means “little bun,” and I call my dog that all the time. Hard to put it in English.

Exactly how do you pronounce HARINEZUMI? I think it’s cute and I don’t wan’t to go around mis-pronouncing it :stuck_out_tongue:

In standard pin yin, what you are trying to say is “xiao mantou” literally “little steamed bun”.

Have you considered “Domo-Kun”? If you haven’t already already heard of him, he’s a strange Japanese animal character with a large internet cult following.

Ha - as in laughing (hahaha!)
Ri - as in “risen”
Ne - as in “nekkid” (sorry, but I couldn’t think of any other example!)
Zu - as in Zoo
Mi - as in Me

Its a bit long-winded, but as I said, you can always call him/her “Harry” for short.

That’s what I thought…but I wanted to be sure:)


What is THAT?!

Uh… No offense intended, but really, is that a real system or what?

Is WHAT a real system?