Anyone know of a free online sheet music database?

I have been looking off and on but haven’t found one. Basically I am guessing that if the music is currently in public domain (the composer dead over 100 years to be on the safe side) that it should be online and available for free to anyone who wants it. Does anyone know if something like this exists? If so, where can one go to find it?

I should probably clarify. I am looking for an online sheet music source similar to Project Gutenburg.

I don’t know about free, but I downloaded some scores from a website a long time ago. I don’t think I paid more than five bucks. I think the site was called “Virtual Sheet Music”. Get thee to google.

One day I woke up and decided to develop a digital sheet music library…CHEAPLY. After some searching, I found software called MidiNotate which is very cool. If you open a midi through this program, it will transcribe the score for you. If you’re into classical music, you could find one of those sites that have tons of free classical midis and get MidiNotate to make scores of each work. You can also edit midi files with it.

The software isn’t free, but it’s not that expensive either. I’ve had it for awhile now and it has brought much fun to my otherwise boring life.

I’ve on occasion Googled around for the same thing, and did find some free sheet music, but not a full library on the scale of Project Gutenberg. You may also Google for ‘free sheet music’; this gives you some directory sites (such as Free sheet music guide) that apparently link further to reasonably good collections. (such as Free Sheetmusic Library) Check 'm out and let me know what you think!

For other music I settled for the ‘transcription’ options of Cubase and Voyetra (both of which I own). A clear disadvantage is that it never looks as good as properly formatted real sheet music. It looks as Monstro’s link does provide additional editing facilities that might improve on those programs.