Anyone know of a place that ships rare beer?

I’m looking for a Christmas gift for someone who wants “rare beers”. I guess he’s really into trying new and interesting beer. But I live in New York City, and he lives in Texas. I’ve looked around but I’m having trouble finding, a) If it’s legal to ship beer from NY to TX, and b) a place that specializes in rare beer willing to ship it for me.

I don’t really want to go to the trouble of shipping it myself, honestly, because I think they would be better equipped for that. And I figure I’m in a city where it should be easy to find this sort of thing, but I’m coming up short on Google. So has anyone heard of a place, either here or online, that ships beer?

I don’t know what they have in the way of rare, but has a lot of beer.
Does he have any friends (that you’re somewhat acquainted with) in his area? You could paypal them some cash and ask if they could run out to a specialty place and pick up a gift card for him.

Have you considered a Beer Of The Month club?

You can probably find what you want here.

Thanks for the thoughts! I’ll check out both of those websites. I will say, though, that I’d rather not do a gift card, and while I did think about doing a Beer of the Month thing, I would probably only be able to pay for the first month or two, so it’s kind of like, “Hey, here’s a bill for 10 months of beer… Merry Christmas!”.

Of course, I should have said in the OP that my knowledge of beer isn’t very extensive, so in a perfect world what would be ideal is a place where I could just say, “Give me a six-pack of assorted rare beers and ship them here, please.”. :slight_smile:

Do you know what he likes? The problem is, if you say that, there’s a good chance he could get several he has no interest in. For example, I’ll guarantee that you’ll get a minimum of one IPA. Personally, I hate IPAs and it would be given away. You’d need to give them some direction, (he likes Stouts and Browns but not Oak Aged or anything smokey) especially if it’s a place that may have hundreds to choose from. Your best bet would be to find a store in his area and call them to order a gift card for $20.

I would second this idea—It sounds like you want to get him something that he will def. enjoy, so a gift-card is perfect in this situation.

I currently have six bottles of Southern Tier headed my way from these guys. (ST doesn’t distribute to CA.)