Anyone know of a shareware program that does this?

I’m working on some documentation for my company’s new intranet system. I’m trying to include screen captures of the relevant pages. That much is no problem. I’ve been using the Print Screen key for years. The problem is that some of the pages I want to include are too long to fit on the screen at one time, at least without dropping the resolution to microscopic levels. Is there a reliable shareware (or freeware) utility that will capture an entire window, including the portions that are not presently visible?

Looks like HyperSnap will do this. Seems there might be free version available.

They’re calling it “Extended Active Window Capture” so maybe that phrase will help in finding a other program if it doesn’t work out.

I think that will do the trick. Now I can actually WRITE the instructions instead of spending my whole day knitting screencaptures together in LView. Thanks!

Og, I love this board.

There is a program called Snaggit that many companies use for more elaborate screen capture and editing jobs.

I think that you can just use alt+PrintScreen, or control, or some such, without installing any further software.

I am a tech writer in the software business, and I use SnagIt 8 and recommend it to others. It will captured extended windows, and you can get it as shareware for a limited time.

If you use Firefox, the extension “Screen Grab” will do this.

I tried both alt-PrScr and ctrl-PrScr. Neither worked. I use Win XP-Home. Does anyone know of something in Windows that does work? There’s a site with a loooong page that changes daily, that I like to copy, to work offline. I hate to spend money on software when the only real use I have is playing around.

Alt+PrintScreen captures only the active window–useful for dialog boxes or if you don’t want to include the task bar in the screen shot.

I haven’t found any use for Ctrl+PrintScreen–it seems to work just like PrintScreen alone.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no utility native to Windows that will do extended screen shots. However, screen shots aren’t useful if you want to edit/change the contents, since the result is a picture rather than a text document.

You could simply do Ctrl-A (Select All) in the page, then paste that into Word or WordPad. (Word would let you work in Web Layout view, but it is not a standard component of Windows.)