Anyone know of a wesite that can tell me what happened on a given day

I would like to check some dates from the last 20 years to see what was going on in the country and world. Anyhelp?
Thanks tells you what happened on a particular day (e.g. July 31) but for every year for which they have information; does that help?

Google is your friend.

Thanks Guys.

If your local newspaper has a website, chances are they have an archive. See how far back it goes. Our local newspaper goes back maybe 4 years, but larger papers like the NY Times, Washington Post, etc. may have larger archives. You should be able to catch world, national and local news, as well as weather and sports.

A similar page from Wikipedia:

I like the Vanderbilt University Television News Archive.

It features abstracts of US nightly news broadcasts back to August 1968. Also Nightline and some cable programs.

And if you really want to see one of these items, they will loan out duplicates. Not cheap. ie half hour broadcast is $25 for Vanderbilt people, $50 for other edus, $100 for everyone else.

I realize US news is limited in scope, but it shows what was on American minds.