Anyone know of any good hot air ballooning companies in New England?

I feel like hot air balloning this weekend. I’ve found a few okay websites that seem like the ride will be good enough, but figured I’d check in with you folks to see if anyone has had an amazing experience with a certain crew.

Also, does anyone know the average pricing for this kind of trip?

I prefer the New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont area, driving distance from Cambridge / Boston.


I used to hang out some at the airport in the town of Post Mills, Vermont. The guy who owns the airport, Brian Boland, is a serious balloonist - probably has more time and experience in balloons than just about anyone.

My recollection is that a typical flight runs around $150 to $200 per person. But that may be out of date.

Many thanks, Xema.

I did it once. The beauty of it is that there aren’t that many to choose from! Easy choice.

It’s lots of fun. My flight was around $120 but this was almost 20 years ago. I highly recommend it.

I got cheap champagne at the end of my flight. Demand it. :wink:

Check out The Great Falls Balloon Festival in Lewiston, Maine next weekend.

When I see one I cross my fingers that it will land in my yard so I get champagne (or orange juice)!

Yeah, well the pisser is that they don’t let you fly while drinking. You have to endure the rough landing (and believe me…it’s rough) before they’ll get ya drunk.
And by then, you need it!! :smiley:

If you feel like a drive, you can come over to southern Ontario.

I’m a balloonist (can’t take passengers yet though), but we can fit someone in for a flight this weekend.

It’s one of the best experiences around. I’ve been flying various aircraft since I was 16, and I think I like ballooning the best.

Great links, and experiences…

I think I’m going to go to that festival tommorow…

Ides, Thanks! But my Jeep is having electrical problems so I’m trying to keep it close. I’ll keep in mind, of course.