Anyone know of any wifi routers with REAL parental controls

My son is now 14 and just started school for the year. Now that he’s old enough, we don’t have grandparents or neighbors waiting for him when he gets off the bus, so he is alone until either my wife or I get home.

The deal is that he is supposed to do his homework before he uses any electronics. So I was looking for something to lock down the internet access while he was home alone. However, his school issued Chromebooks to all students to do homework on Google Docs.

My wife and I usually get home around 6:00. And we use our phones, tablets, computers, and streaming TV all evening long.

So the idea is to find a router that will allow us to lock the internet down all day, except for Google Docs, until 6:00 then open everything up. (If my son needs wider access for an assignment, he can wait until 6:00 and do chores and other assignments in the meantime.) Then I’d want to to cut access to his phone and Nintendo DS after 9:30 so he doesn’t spend all night surfing youtube.

But only on the weekdays. I’d want everything opened for the weekend.

Skydog seemed to have done all of this quite well. Apparently, I am a month too late. They just got bought by Comcast in July and it looks like Comcast has no plans to release the functionality to anyone (including their own customers).

I found OpenDNS, but that just seems to be a smut filter. I have that already on my current router.

So I turn to the SDMB. I know many of you are into networks and I hope maybe someone has seen something similar to Skydog that isn’t turning up in my Google searches.

A lot of home routers have time based controls:

First hit off of googling home router time controls.


I did see that, but I missed that particular sentence. Otherwise it just looks like a run of the mill smut blocker. I’ll have to see if that will work for me.

Similar thing in Linksys routers, too.