Anyone know Old West History?

I seem to remember there being a judge in the old west who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. I thought it was Judge Roy Bean but I can’t find any references to a disappearance at any web site I have visited looking for information.

Am I mixing him up with another Judge? Can anyone help me find information about the judge who disappeared?

Are you thinking of Judge Crater perhaps? He disappeared in mysterious circumstances but not in the Old West.

When I think of missing judges (when I stop daydreaming of Rehnquist) I think of Judge Crater. This site provides another synopsis with a few links to more sites.

Do you mean Albert Jennings Fountain? He and his eight-year-old son disappeared while traveling to Las Cruces, New Mexico Territory, in 1896.
Fountain was a territorial judge who was about to implicate several prominent individuals in a cattle rustling case. Three men were later brought to trial for the murders, but were aquitted.

Hope this helps.

Sorry, I see that that page doesn’t give much information on the murders or the accused.

Here’s another link that goes into a little more detail.

That Bean disappeared when the “modern” west started to infringe on Langtry, Texas and promised to return when Texas needed him is a myth, I’m afraid. He in fact moved to a house not far away from the site of his saloon and a few years later died peacefully in his bed.

That myth was furthered by the Paul Newman movie, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, a fun movie. Larry McMurtry had yet another ending for him in his novel Streets of Loredo equally false, equally based on legend and equally fun.