About that "Scrooge McDuck" murder...

You know, you just can’t make this stuff up.

"Scrooge McDuck" Murder Conviction

Okay, all bad enough, but I wonder how many people came this -><- close to contempt during the trial?

Judge Kwak? Holy moly.

Should be grounds for a retrial. That’s clearly not an unbiased judge.

I think the US custom of referring to the trial judge as “your honor” or “the court” was really helpful in this case. If the lawyers had had to address or refer to “Judge Kwak” someone besides the defendent would have been in a cell.

This will have a devastating effect on the fine jewellery trade. Wealthy businessmen and connoisseurs will shun Disney-based objets d’art and precious items for their wives and loved ones.

What’s worse is you know, just know, the judge has a sibling who’s a doctor.

You have a hunch, u?

Now, now. I’m sure Kwak is an extremely common name in Duckburg.