Anyone know what happened to Googlefight?

The other day, I tried to use Googlefight for the first time in probably about a year or more. It went through all the same motions as before, including the fun little flash fight sequence, but then it turned up no results for either of my search terms. I tried several other terms, with no luck. I just chalked it up to them having a problem that day.

But I’ve just tried again, and the same thing seems to be happening. Even when I look at the classic fight links, there are no results.

Anyone know what gives?

I don’t have any idea how to answer your question, but what is Googlefight?

I’m curious…

Brendon Small

Sorry about that.

Googlefight was/is a website with a somewhat entertaining interface that makes it easy to compare the number of Google search results for two different terms. It was fun for doing silly little searches (i.e., “love” vs. “hate”), but I also found it useful at times. If I wasn’t sure of the correct spelling of a word, or the proper wording of a common phrase, I might enter both spellings/phrasings that I could think of, and see which one had more results.

I’m tired, so I may not be explaining it well, but follow the link and have a look around yourself. Outside of getting any actual results, it functions just as it always has.

I bet the GoogleLawyers had something to do with it.

Sorry about the first post. I was thinking the site was completely gone, not that it was missing part of it. I asked the somewhat pointless question, but lawyers would probably be the biggest reason.

Maybe it’s time for a Yahoofight? Until they get angry, then maybe a Lycosfight? Anyone???

Brendon Small


Now that the OP is answered… money fight!

Googlefight seems to be back and functional. No idea what the issue was.