The all-time funniest Google search!

  1. Go to

  2. Type in ‘dumb motherfucker’ (without the quotes).

  3. Click ‘Google search’.

I love the Internet! :smiley:

It works even when you hit the Google “I’m feeling lucky” button.

:smiley: Way too funny!

Thanks RTFirefly

I like this part the best:

“Note: If you have arrived at this site through inappropriate references via a search engine, please be assured that we did not utilize this language in our site, our HTML, nor in our internet promotion of this site. What happened was the result of a malicious act by a third party and we have pursued remedies through the efforts of our staff and attorneys.”

Their HTML code is clean, BTW.

You’re in luck RT, no one has
You should register it.

On the seventh link down on the search: “HugeDisk: The Men’s Magazine So Manly It Sweats” there’s a probable explanation for the search results:

Based on his legal actions against , I wonder how soon before W sues Hugedisk and Google?

This has been done:



…and done:


Yep, it is funny as hell! :smiley: