Priceless Truth!

Go to Google (the best search engine ever, BTW)

Search for: dumb motherfucker

Note the first entry.

Note the LACK of keywords.

Note that it is the REAL page.

Laugh your ass off. Or be pissed, as is your wont.


Thank you.

giggles quietly away

Hehehe damn that is just what I needed.


Google ROCKS!!!


Stoid, did you stumble upon that yourself?

Words cannot express how funny that is.

Wow, my opinion of Internet Search Engines just went up a notch… :smiley:

That’s because of the way that google organizes it’s database. It goes by keywords on pages that LINK to the site, not the site itself.

So, if a LOT of sites refer to Bush as a “dumb motherfucker” and then link to his site, it’ll be bumped to the top real fast.

That’s fuckin hillarious! Heheheheheh!

I like how Word suggests ‘jingoish’ when you have it spellcheck Gingrich, or what it says when you grammar check ‘I’d like to shoot Bill Gates’.

Someone showed me a question you could ask at that would point you towards a funny page that walks you through taking a cold shower. It was something like ‘Can you suck my dick?’ but that’s not it, I tried a few combos and can’t get it to do it again.

The Ask Jeeves question is “Will you fuck me?”

Here’s a story that I just found relating to this:

I did not discover it myself. I can’t imagine how anyone would…why would someone search for “dumb motherfucker”? ALthough… this is the internet.

Interestingly, in that story that Flymaster linked to, on that stie called HugeDisk, they say that it began with their first “Ask Hester Hugedisk” column, in which they linked the words “dumb motherfucker” to Dubya’s site. So I feel somehow related to it…my given name is Hester. :eek: My name is so rare that I always feel an odd connection whenever I run across it, which is nearly never.

[sub]I have revealed that with the understanding that it is NOT to be tossed around on the boards - absolutely NO ONE has permission to use my given name here. My name here is Stoid. Period. No arguments, no jokes, nothing. This thread, and this thread only and ever. That goes double for my enemies. If anyone DOES use my given name anywhere else, they had to have read it here, and read this non-permission, so I WILL whine loudly to any authority figure I can find if you defy my request/demand/edict. I deeply appreciate, in advance, your compliance. Why am I so anal about it? That’s a thread in itself… Maybe we should start one: “Would you want people on the Dope to use your real name here?”[/sub]

Sure thing, Hester. Hey, that’s alright, right? You did say

You know, at first I was curious why you’d be cruising around typing in “Dumb Motherfucker” at search sites. You answered that question.

Now I’m left wondering why your parents would leave the ‘C’ off your first name. Is there an odd story behind that? Or do they have a good sense of humor?

Were your parents big Nathaniel Hawthorne fans or something?
(I’m not trying to take the piss, just curious.)

Uh, Hester = woman’s name, completely unrelated to Chester.

Personally, I’m still getting used to the change from stoidela to find something new to call you.

Hi, Hester, I’m James. Nice to meet you!

On a slightly related topic (and yes I realize this is old…but for those whom have not tried it…) try “more evil than satan himself” in Google.