What happens if you google your own name?

This could be your actual full name or your SD username.

For me if I google my full real name not a lot comes up-my facebook profile, a review I did online for a hotel in Thailand in 2005 and pages linked to some of my relatives.

If I google my username pages on hippos are found, and of course SD links.

This is an incredibley vain thing to do but very interesting…of course it becomes a little boring after the 10th time :wink:

So what do you find?

Aaaahhhh! The Google Vanity Search!

For my real name, it brings up a camera club that my dad and I belong to. (And I’m doing pretty well this year!) But I’m the only one of me.

As for my SD un, it appears that I am not the only one of me. In fact, the first 26 google links go to other JustAnotherGeeks. The 27th, however, goes to the thread with this post:

Yes thats a better title for it!-the Google Vanity Search. I like that!

Im the only one of me too and thats a very good thing :slight_smile:

Googling my real name brings up a musician with the same name, which is interesting since my first name isn’t very common.

Googling my username brings up the page of some biker who also didn’t know how to spell Hong Kong Phooey :stuck_out_tongue:

My Amazon profile because I reviewed Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow.

My Facebook.

Links to some posts on a borland C++ Builder usenet newsgroup.

Apparently I’m runner-up in a fishing contest :dubious:

A link to the family newsletter! :dubious: :eek:

a post in alt.psychology

Apparently I’m a charge nurse in a hospital in Ipswich

If I use my real name, including my maiden name, the second entry up is my Classmates profile. Nothing else that shows up has anything to do with me - my maiden name is very unusual, and the hits are for the few others in the country who share it.

If I use my married name, minus the maiden name, the entire first page comes up with a fantasy author. After that, all sorts of similarly named folks - I have no patience to look for myself.

My username, surprise, just comes up to my various web presences under that name.

If I google my real name, I get me. There is me, there is only me. So I have to be very careful what I put out on the internet under my real name

There is a woman in the UK with the same first name and a slight variation on the last name - there might be others in Canada (where the variation is slightly more popular), but I haven’t checked.

If you google my online name (Silvercat) my livejournal is seventh.

If you google what I want my name to be, there’s no results.

If you google my real name, a poem I submitted to Poetry.com comes up (I didn’t know it was a scam at the time, but I figured it out quick). Otherwise it’s basically all genealogy of people that aren’t me.

If you google my Doper name, my livejournal is first, then the Dope.

My website is the first hit. Not that surprising. I don’t get a ton of traffic, but I do get a few thousand page views a month, so it’s not unpopular either. The rest are usually some other page referencing my website, or it’s a female field hockey player (now coach).

Or porn. (apparently, my name is porn star material.)

Oh dear… my online presence has take quite a hit since the last such search I did years and years ago. As a Comp. Sci. major, I used to have two websites on the first page. Now the spread of the internet and my total lack interesting pasttimes leave me somewhere after the first 10 pages.

People looking me up now are thinking I’m a senior lecturer at a business school, an event photographer, or an illiterate drunkard from Birmingham with a bebo account and bad taste in music. :frowning:

Nanoda has a better result; either I’m a Naruto fan on deviant art (not me) or a novice Ubuntu user. (Might be me, can’t recall). :slight_smile:

Both my names, first and last, are extremely common, and if i put them into a search engine i get a whole bunch of people, including a musician, a web designer, a journalist, an author, and an artist. It’s quite a contrast to my wife, whose name appears to be unique, and who is at the top of any search.

While I have never met anyone with my first and last name they are not that unsual. Not exactly common but I am no where near the first dozen or so pages. Maybe more.

My user name gets me websites of fish, helicopters or director Ken Loach.

The Internet is ignoring me.

I get one hit that tells me I hit the Colorado Lottery for $6Mil but I never got a nickel of it.

I get a lot of hits on some old professional quarterback.

And finally, about a zillion pages back, I get credit for several magazine articles I actually wrote and had published. There was a time when those hits were on the first three pages of the Google response----how fleeting is fame.

My name is unique as far as I know (there was one other guy that I know of with my name but he died over 2 centuries ago) but the results when I google myself aren’t terribly interesting. I have a relatively busy online presence but I tend to hide behind nicknames and the like.

I’m the only person with my name, as far as I know - it’s an unusual Polish surname, paired with a name that was really popular in North America when I was born. I get a link to my Facebook profile, my Chapters.com account (why, I don’t know - I have never written a review, made a list or a wishlist or anything), a link to the article I proofread, and an old page from my undergrad university listing students with outstanding GPAs for one year. I secretly love that the last one is there, but I also wish it didn’t make it look like I did well only one year - I did extremely well all four years, but that year my GPA was .05 points higher or something. Yeah, I’m vain.

Apart from the dead namesake, this is rather like my situation.

My username, however, brings up all sorts of strange anime and weird things.

I share the name of a dead mobster, so I get links to stuff about him. My SDMB name is all SDMB threads.


I don’t have what would be considered a common name but there are a lot of people with it. A somewhat famous English soccer player, a real estate agent, a doctor, a folk musician, a dentist and a college wrestler and that’s just the first page. I have to go all the way to page 12 to find anything about me and it’s from when I drove race cars over 20 years ago.

A search of my user name is mostly hits for an legal forum I frequent and some other websites I have joined. Nothing about the SD till the bottom of page two. There are other folks that have used my user name too, most seem to be from some Austrailian guy that is into go-karts.

I’m a fan of the Google vanity search because I get a kick out of being an entemologist at a right-wing Christian university.

First two pages, all me. Mostly work related. The rest are combinations. I guess I’m unique, too!

I didn’t even try my username.