Anyone know when the new ibooks are coming out?

So if you’re following this thread in IMHO, you know I’m considering an ibook. I was told by a coworker that HE heard on that they are clearing inventory to make room for the new ones. Obviously, if it means waiting a month to get a new model where they’ve fixed all the problems that are stopping me from running out and getting one now, I’d wait.

Anyone with any poop on the new ibooks? (feel free to move to MPSIMS, manny, if apropriate)

MacOSRumors is a bunch of lying, bullshitting scum. On that note, I don’t remember any new iBooks being announced at the MW expo in New York. However, this is the same paradox all computer buyers face. Buy now, or wait two months for something better? The answer is to buy now.

Just don’t get orange, for the love of God.

As a huge Mac fan, I subscribe to several Mac publications, both on-line and off. Given, MacOSRumors is not one of them. But, this is the first I’ve heard about a new iBook. I didn’t attend MW, but it’s been covered in numerous Mac resources, none of which mention anything new like that. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist, but I would resommend buying now. Just my $0.02.

golly, i hope not. i just bought a blue ibook two weeks ago. i just checked with the two guys in my office that went to the mw in nyc. they said there was no mention on new ibooks. they did say that they announced new colours for the imac. sure enough you see the new imac colours in ads and magazines.

i love my new ibook, go for it! aside from the computer stuff that it comes with. the nifty thing is that it can almost lie flat. that means you can be in just about any position and still be able to see the screen. of course i’m in my rocking chair, but i bet it could even be used in a hammock. don’t get me started on the keyboard. i could go on for hours. buy the book, swimming riddles.

Another thing to consider: in the past, after releases of new Apple models, it has sometimes happened that production shortages made it difficult to buy the new model immediately after its official debut. I subscribe to a couple of Macintosh magazines and they haven’t mentioned the new iBooks yet. It might not be worth waiting.

A random fellow in Sears yesterday told me that he heard that all macs were going to be getting a new OS, called Aqua, within a month or so. I am doubtful. Have you guys heard anything?

It’s not an OS, it’s a look for OS X. You can check it out here. If you’re looking for reliable info, CompUSA is still the main Apple retailer, and my experience with them has shown me that the people in the Mac section tend to know what they’re talking about. If there’s one near you, I’d recommend checking it out. Good luck.

Rumor has it that they will be revised in September.

If this were true, I’d be a bit surprised that they didn’t come out with the new version in time for the back to school rush. This may not have been practical, in which case the next best thing would probably be to lower the existing inventories on the back-to-schoolers, and then release the new version with plenty of ramp-up time for the Christmas season.

What you heard about clearing inventory for new iBooks was off; they were clearing out older iMacs to prepare for the new ones that were just released.

Aglarond, if your CompUSA has competent Mac people, then I’m so jealous! The ones here are total dumbasses. I refer to the place as inCompetentUSA, and I know I’m not alone in this opinion. I buy from catalog merchants.

Anyway, even if new iBooks are announced in September (which I doubt), I would hold off buying for at the very least a couple weeks. You need at least that long for any major bugs to be discovered. Visit regularly (the site is updated daily) for bug reports, and if all seems good, then go for it. Congrats in advance on your new computer!

Sorry Audrey. It sounds like the same problem I have with PC people there. At least at the CompUSA I go to, the Mac people are great and the PC people are the dumbasses. I was there the other day because the cpu fan was making a grinding noise and I figured it was do. I couldn’t find them in the isles, so I asked one of their PC guys and he kept telling me they didn’t sell power supplies. No matter what I did, I couldn’t convince him of what I’m looking for. Did that last sentence make any sense?

Sorry about the little rant/hijack. Swiddles, I would recommend going ahead and buying. Even if a new one comes out in the next few months, the one you would buy now would still be better than any PC laptop out there. And you wouldn’t have any problems runnning any software that’ll come out in the next few years.

Yep. :slight_smile: That dude obviously wasn’t listening to you. I’m only semi-geek, and I know what you meant.

Agree on both points. I’m looking forward to the potential of OS X.