Anyone looking forward to DOOM?

I don’t know much about this project, and have only seen glimpses of the trailer.

Think this will be any good, or another lousy videogame movie like Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, or <ahem> Mario Brothers?

I remember being really excited about rumours of a big screen Doom back when Doom II still had an honoured place on everyone’s 80mb hard drives, and Bruce Campbell was alleged to be interested in playing everybody’s favourite Space Marine.

Going into a Bruce Campbell Doom movie, you could be reasonably assured that it wasn’t going to take itself too seriously, though. I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of “The Rock,” and his presence makes me fairly skeptical.

Also, when the '90s were fresh, the appeal of a Doom movie was that it would have the basic concept and atmosphere of the game – but it would have cinematic special effects. Wow! Cacodaemons, imps, and zombie soldiers – only with 3D models, atmospheric lighting and spurting gibs, and… uh…

What’s the appeal now?

Anyone have advance word on whether this can be expected to be any fun, or is it going to be a puddle of suck?

Heh, you must not watch many movies with The Rock in them if you think his presence means the movie will take itself seriously. :wally

All my friends are predicting it to be a “Beer and Buddies” kind of movie, so we’ll probably see it if nothing imminently more interesting is at the theatre the same weekend.

I’m not sure the Doom concept could carry a feature length movie. Wolfenstein on the other hand… you can’t really go wrong with Nazis and Mecha-Hitler.

  1. Take all the bad acting and cheezy special effects from “Aliens vs. Predator”
  2. Replace the aliens with demons.
  3. Doom!

Everything I’ve seen about the movie so far has been bad. Bad acting, bad special effects, annoying soundtrack, none of the colorful campiness that made the original game cool. I’ll still probably see it on opening weekend, though, because bad movies can be entertaining, especially when you go with a lot of people.

Couldn’t find a release date for it, but it says 2005, which doesn’t give it much time. Considering it’s coming out within the next 2 months, and has gotten so little hype… and that what little promotion it has gotten has been minimal (short, confusing, nothing-really-shown trailers are never a good sign), I’d say it’s gonna pretty much suck.

Unless you like that sort of camp.
Btw, in looking at The Rock’s IMDB bio, I notice that he’s slated to play Johnny Bravo. In a movie. WTF?!

I like the Rock. He’s got good comic talent. If you saw him on SNL, you’ll know what I mean. Also he seems like a genuinely nice guy, though obviously I don’t know him personally. I hope he get’s his “Terminator” role that makes him a breakout star. Unfortunately I don’t think Doom’s gonna be it. It looks pretty generic, like something you’d see on the sci-fi channel at 9:00 pm saturday night. I might DVD it, but it don’t look theater worthy.

My vote is on “puddle of suck.”

Which fun is funny, because I still have Doom on my hard drive!

The new game has Nazi Cyborg-Zombies, as well as other assorted Nazi superweapons.

Eh. That Mummy sequel didn’t take itself seriously, obviously, but “The Rock” was not up to camp standard in it, I’m afraid.

As for everything else I’ve seen him in, not nearly enough irony to make that sort of thing tolerable for me. (Remember, we’re talking relative to Bruce Campbell here.) Walking Tall was not what I’d call a winking lampoon of an action movie. It’s earnest enough to bore the tits off me. Haven’t seen The Rundown. Okay, I just don’t like “The Rock,” and wish he’d go away.

Looking on the IMDB, I see that The Rock has seven movies coming out in 2006. Seven! And one of them’s another video game adaption.

Spyhunter. Spy-freaking-hunter.

What’s next? Joust: With A Vengeance?

I’ll deathmatch the first one of you who…who…well, I’ll deathmatch sombody!

I played DOOM 1 and 2 through for the first time last winter(Somehow I missed the original Doom-era even though I was playing Shooters at the time. I went straight from Wolf3D to Dark Forces). I loved the games, and now I’m working on the spirtual sucessor to DOOM, Serious Sam.

That begins said, everything I’ve seen in the trailors says “SUCK!”. DOOM had 4 pages of plot. Same with DOOM 2. That’s not enough to support a film. And I have a feeling they’re going to try for serious horror rather then fun and cheesy.

The only original concept I’ve seen is having the “Helmet Cam” where it looks like your looking out the marines eyes. Unfortuantly, I don’t think it’s going to be nearly enough to save it, and probably won’t work anyway.

If Doom was like the Mummy and not the sequel, I’d consider it, but otherwise no. The sequel just didn’t have the special something that made the first fun.

That and it was burdened with a precocious kid and the villian from the first film who was back for no good reason.

The Rundown was an excellent action movie in my opinon. I look at these movies as the sucky ones he must complete before he gets his “Terminator” role that will make him more well-known. He’s got great comic and (obviously) action skills. Not that I’ll definitally go see DOOM when it comes out, since a movie starring my ultimate lust crush Emmanuelle Chiqui is due for that time too.

I have such a crush on The Rock.

I’ll enjoy it - on at least one level :smiley:

Hmmm… if it’s from “The Rock’s” POV, and it persists throughout the entire movie, it might just be enough to save it – as long as there are no mirrors on Mars. :wink:

If they’re really small pages and really big text. The thing is, though, with so little story, you’d think it’d be easy to stay consistent with it. The experiments weren’t in human genetics, they were in teleportation. Following on to this, the monsters aren’t genetic experiments gone wrong, they’re alien demons from another dimension. The hero wasn’t the respected leader of an elite team, he was the low man in his unit, assigned there as a punishment, and only survived the slaughter of his team because he was left outside to “cover their back”. And for crying out loud, everyone knows that the BFG shoots green!

As movies go it will probably suck, but I’ll go see it at a matinee just because I love the games so much.

The trailer had me laughing out loud, and not in a good way. The “helmet cam” just looks stupid… if I wanted a first-person view of shooting monsters, I’d just… y’know… play the god damned game.

Of course the text is really big. This big:

=================     ===============     ===============   ========  ========
\\ . . . . . . .\\   //. . . . . . .\\   //. . . . . . .\\  \\. . .\\// . . //
||. . ._____. . .|| ||. . ._____. . .|| ||. . ._____. . .|| || . . .\/ . . .||
|| . .||   ||. . || || . .||   ||. . || || . .||   ||. . || ||. . . . . . . ||
||. . ||   || . .|| ||. . ||   || . .|| ||. . ||   || . .|| || . | . . . . .||
|| . .||   ||. _-|| ||-_ .||   ||. . || || . .||   ||. _-|| ||-_.|\ . . . . ||
||. . ||   ||-'  || ||  `-||   || . .|| ||. . ||   ||-'  || ||  `|\_ . .|. .||
|| . _||   ||    || ||    ||   ||_ . || || . _||   ||    || ||   |\ `-_/| . ||
||_-' ||  .|/    || ||    \|.  || `-_|| ||_-' ||  .|/    || ||   | \  / |-_.||
||    ||_-'      || ||      `-_||    || ||    ||_-'      || ||   | \  / |  `||
||    `'         || ||         `'    || ||    `'         || ||   | \  / |   ||
||            .===' `===.         .==='.`===.         .===' /==. |  \/  |   ||
||         .=='   \_|-_ `===. .==='   _|_   `===. .===' _-|/   `==  \/  |   ||
||      .=='    _-'    `-_  `='    _-'   `-_    `='  _-'   `-_  /|  \/  |   ||
||   .=='    _-'          `-__\._-'         `-_./__-'         `' |. /|  |   ||
||.=='    _-'                                                     `' |  /==.||
=='    _-'                                                            \/   `==
\   _-'                                                                `-_   /
 `''                                                                      ``'

Actually, it’s not The Rock that will be the Doom Guy. That role is going to Karl Urban, previously known as Eomer in Lord of the Rings. He sorta looks the part.

That helmet cam view looks pretty badass. And I like that part in the trailer where they show a character wielding a chainsaw facing off against a demon. It could work.

My only potential complaints are that a.) they will be using demons based on Doom3 rather than the first two. I say if it’s not bright red, has a single green eye, and a glowing blue throat it’s no cacodemon. Also, b.) the cast appears to suggest that there may be some element of a love story. If there’s some kind of “rescue the hot female scientist and save the day” element, it’ll suck.