Anyone make paper at home?

I might give it a try. What are the things to look out for?

Just curious, what kind of paper?

Oh, what a good idea. I wanna make paper too now.

Yes, I have made paper.

What sort of paper are you interested in?

Rag-sourced pulp is easier to work with, but harder to get into pulp form. Celluose pulp can be done with a home blender/food processor but it’s not as easy to get a nice paper.

Either way, you’ll need a VERY heavy-duty blender/chopper.

Also, you’re going to get wet. Very wet.

to start any paper that is easy to make. Maybe for Christmas cards

OK, this site looks like a good place to start. In addition to telling you the basic process and suggesting recycled paper (because that’s easy to obtain) it has links to topics like making a mold and deckle.

The surface of this sort of recycled paper may or may not be a pleasant surface to, say, write on with a ballpoint pen but could be used as a base for various types of craft treatment.

If you have further questions feel free to ask.