Anyone miss me? Anyone Remember me?

So, I’ve been busy. Forgot my password and kinda put SDMB on the backburner for a year.

Kids are in high school now. Work is going very good. Very busy. Mr. Ujest is doing good.
We have two cats ( one is always available for adoption, she’s very fat and kinda stupid.)

What has everyone else been up too?

Can we still call you Shirley?

Welcome back.

Oh come on, you’re a 99’er. Missing a year here or there is no big deal. And it was more like 11 months anyway.

Welcome back anyhow.

Hey! It’s you! Glad to see you back. Not much new here. WhyBaby’s about to be 10. Not quite sure how *that *happened. Then again, WhyKid has been buying booze legally for almost a year, so clearly I’ve lost all control of time.

Me…? took a year sabbatical, went back to work when my husband decided that not working looked darn good and started his own business (he consults, so he still works, he just gets paid for every hour he works and chooses how many).

Mine are in high school too now. I feel like its the final lap on raising kids (although I know I’m not DONE, in a few years they come out of the oven and onto the cooling rack - for better or worse)

And of course you are remembered.

She’s 10? Sheesh.

Time controls us, we don’t control time.

Miss Ujest is now 14, 15 next month. She is 9th grade. She made varsity cheer and is in the top7 of the cheerleaders. To say she is in the Cult of Cheerleading would be an understatement. It is all about the CheerBow. Very good student when we push her nose to the grindstone. In STEM. She is a very social butterfly.

Master Ujest is 16, driving, a strapping lad at almost 6’ and 220ish pounds ( down from 240) not muscular. Not fat. Barrel chested retard strength. All A student, taking three AP classes. In STEM. Honors choir. Involved in school plays ( pretty big parts). Took a year off from football and decided to do tennis. Because tennis doesn’t have the cult status that Football does, all the matches are during the work day, so we didn’t see one of them. He one enough in doubles to get a Varsity letter, considering one kid was a one armed kid and another was morbidly overweight, he felt pretty bad and yet happy he won. He’s going back to football (he’s been the starting center since forever and it was hard for this year on JV as well as Varsity, where they went through CENTERS like toiletpaper - off field injuries, not on field.) for his senior year and this news was greeted, in his words, " with fanfare like a returning gladiator." Our football program next year might have a chance at a play off game with the guys we have coming up. Might. It’s been since never that they’ve made it anywhere. We excel in mediocrity!!!1!!! ( and yet we fill the stadium for crap. But the two sports that do well - Wrestling and Cheer - are the red headed step children.

Mr. Ujest has been coaching the freshman football team now for two years. Only lost one game ( should have one it.) I recorded most of the game film.

My mom is 88. Has dementia ( FUN!) and we’ve moved her 4 times in about 18 months ( home, 2 bedroom apartment. 1 bedroom apartment. Senior Center by my aunt - 1.5 hours away that sucked. - and now another senior place that is about 400 yards away from my work and is cheaper ( but not catholic.)


High School is like a final lap. Lap around the damned wet mouldering towels.

Good to see you back!

It’s surely good to see you again!

Shirley! Where the hell have you been?

Welcome back! Glad to read that things are good!

Welcome back! And yes you were missed.

Wasn’t one of your posts the last time we heard from Cecil? I can’t recall him appearing after that.

I remember you, Shirley. Great to see you again; welcome back!

Yes, welcome back Shirley!

Saw your post in the DP 2014 thread. Welcome back!!! You gonna play again?:stuck_out_tongue:


Good luck with your Mom! (Have a mom with her own memory issues.)

I remember Shirley!
Glad to have you back.
Enjoy your stay

Yo… Shirl…

I remember --------- good to see you back! Well, not “see” exactly but you know what I mean. I will assume you are you and you are indeed active again.

I never forgot you. I noticed you were gone and wondered where you were…which would impress you if you knew how oblivious I can be. Glad you’re back!