Anyone miss me? Anyone Remember me?

Of course we missed you. And don’t call us “Shirley”.


One of my favorite Usernames on one of my favorite Dopers! Of course you were missed! Welcome back. Sing us a song.

FWIW I forgot my password in 2001 and got it reset in September, 2010.

Shirley, we could never forget you. Yours is the most memorable Doper name. Welcome back.

Surely, Shirley. Nothing has changed.

Of course I remember you.

Now if I could just find my keys…

Not much. This and that. We’re all good.

Welcome back Shirley! I certainly remember you! :slight_smile:

OK, a 9 year absence for one of our 99’ers is remarkable. But Shirley is such a part of the fabric of this place that she’d have to miss at least 3 years for it to feel strange without her. I just thought she’d been quiet lately.

She’s not hard of hearing Dung, so stop yell’n. :stuck_out_tongue:
Welcome back Shirley.

Shirley, welcome back…!

Welcome back! Shirley WemissedU!

Welcome back! Your dreams were your ticket out…

(What’s a CheerBow?)


Good gawd Shirley! Of COURSE we remember you! And it’s about time you got back, it’s your turn to buy the drinks.

I remember you. Do you remember us??

'sup ! ( Chin thrust of recognition and welcoming )


Welcome back Shirl !!!

Welcome back!

I remember you!

You’re the one with those…


you know…

things that do that…sort of… stuff!

Welcome back!

Um, huh?

Surely, you jest!