Anyone notice something in the news?

That right when California is about to vote on the full legalisation of marijuana, a “study” comes out in all the media about the “increased use of drugs”.

And it always starts with someone smoking a joint, or the picture of a pot leaf…hmmm…

A little defensive propaganda I think. Let’s get the fear growng.

The anti-pot forces have already lost. Politicians are already salivating over the potential tax revenues. It’s going through, either this time or next.

I think someone’s a little paranoid.

But even if the California law passes, won’t the federal law pre-empt it?

I suppose if I opined that the new media is really controlled by conservatives, everybody would thinking I’m joking, or a CT. But it doesn’t surprise me to see the media taking the conservative side in this matter. Maybe in this case it’s only because the media wants to be the cannabis of the masses.

If so, I sense the possibility for some comedy.

Perhaps I paint with a broad brush, but I wonder if there isn’t a fairly good cross section of those scream about states rights on some issues (like gun control), and those who want illegal drugs to stay illegal.

I’ve always considered that the norm, and it’s one reason why I don’t take states rights people seriously. They clearly don’t believe their own rhetoric.

What federal law?

Do you know how marijuana was made “illegal” in the first place? And how am I “paranoid”? I don’t think anyone is out to get me personally, I just notice that that timing of the “study” is interesting.

I don’t think “pre-empt” is the right word, but it will still be illegal under federal law even if the CA amendment passes. You just won’t get in trouble with the State law enforcement. IIRC, the current Justice Dept has suggested they won’t go out of their way to prosecute, but obviously that could change with a change in Attorney General or President.

Comprehensive Drug Abuse Contorl and Prevention Act of 1970 (and probably others)

Just curious, but mary j gets legalized. What changes in state. How is it going to be sold, restricted consumption ? yada yada.

I know a federal law enforcement officer who works in Redwood National Park in Northern California. People who can legally move pot on California roads take great risks when those roads run through federal lands in California. They are arrested and their pot seized. They are then off to federal court where the judges don’t really give a shit about pot.