Anyone on Byetta?

My husband is being put on Byetta for his blood sugar and it appears to be almost a wonder drug for some people. Anyone with experience?

Not me. But it seems like a good time to wish the best to him and you.

The only significant side effect is that it slowly turns you into a lizard.

damn gerbil ate my post =(

My endo wants to put me on Byetta so I am interested also. Unfortunately if I take any more time off from work my boss will go absolutely apeshit.

Healthy people dont understand that ‘why yes, in the space of 6 months you can break your foot, discover that your parathyroids need to get yoiked out, your uterous has decided to spazz out and bleed you out every other week for 7 weeks, and also have a suspicious lump show up in each breast during a mammogram’

I have missed 27 days [combining partial days off from work for testing, a whole week off for the broken foot, and a sick day because I was browning out from the bloodloss through my coochy] in 6 months which is my total for the previous DECADE.

Hell, TMI:

I just got back from the day from hell - I had a pelvic ultrasound scheduled so today we get chinese for lunch that puts myself and 3 other people in the bathroom crapping our brains out for amost 2 hours, as I am driving the hour to get to the place for the ultrasound my damned period decides to start again, and they decide to change from an external pelvic to an internal pelvic ultrasound so as I am being internally cattleprodded I am scootching huge amounts of blood and clots on the table, to where it was dripping onto the floor. The poor tech now has a room that looks like an abbatoir :frowning:

I am on Byetta. I’ve been using it since Jan. of last year. I love the stuff! If I don’t ‘warm up’ the pen enough, the injection seems to burn a bit, though. That’s the only downside I’ve found.
I take 10mcg, twice a day. The weight loss is wonderful, and it seems to curb my appetite a bit, so that’s a huge plus!
More importantly, it also helps bring my blood glucose level to a more manageable level, in conjunction with the two insulin injections per day, along with assorted pills.
I love Byetta!
Your husband won’t be sorry!
Good luck to him, jsgoddess!

I have had the same experience as the previous poster. Byetta is great! I’ve lost weight, and have reduced my oral hypoglycemics to less than a third compared to pre Byetta. The major side effect, nausea, goes away in about two weeks, and it is mild. Hope your insurance covers it, it’s expensive!

When I called CVS, the cost of the Byetta, without insurance, was nearly $250. That’s per month. For ONE pen. Outrageous! But, my insurance pays for mine, and all of my diabetic medication and supplies. So, that’s a major help to me!

As for the nausea, I never had ANY at all. They start you out with the 5mcg injections, twice a day. Then, if you have no problems, they’ll switch you to the 10mcg, twice a day, in a month or so. I had no problems, so I was switched at my next appointment with my Endo, one month later.

Unfortunately, we just received word that his insurance is not going to cover it.

I honestly don’t know if we can afford it.

Full reveal: Reading the headline, I thought “Byetta” was going to be a social website.

Lets see, you’re in Ohio, any chance it’s Health Plan of the Upper Ohio Valley?

No, he’s on a Medicare plan. Sierra Rx.