Anyone out there good at intrepreting dreams? I need Help needed!

I’ve noticed that sometimes when I write down what I remember about my dreams, and re-read it, I can decipher some of the “visions” that seem so odd and disturbing initially. Yet, I’m stumped at some recurring images that keep appearing in my dreams. It’s not a specific reccuring dream, it’s elements that occur over & over again in my dreams. Anyone who’s into dream interpreting, of Freudian analysis, or maybe just has a suggestion what these things might mean?

  • I have lately realized that a large part of my dreaming involves roaming through endlessly labrynthine houses. Actually “floating” through the house is more like it - not walking, but not exactly “flying.” Anyway, I’m going through doors that lead into corridors, that lead to expansive rooms, that open onto verandas that overlook galleries, etc., etc., etc. for what seems like hours upon hours. The rooms invariably are furnished in normal, if ornate & posh, furnishings. I hardly ever encounter anyone in these giant mansions, I’m roam around them by myself.

  • In other dreams, I’m trying to drive a car. I’m hampered by the fact that I’m in the back seat(!) of the car, and furiously grasping across the back of the driver’s seat at the stearing wheel. Somehow, I can’t climb over into the front seat, try as I might. Occasionally, I’m tangled up in seatbelts. Mind you, all the while I’m doing this the car is zooming down the road. Not speeding, but going down the road. Other cars pass by, and I wonder how soon it’ll be before someone realizes I’m trying to drive the car from the back seat! I worry about crashing, or getting stopped by the police.

  • I dream a lot about travelling (I never travel anywhere). I go on some trip - to Somewhere in Europe, or somewhere, or I’m getting on a plane, or a train. What I remember most of this type of dream is this moment of realization that “holy shite! I’m in (London/Paris/Dublin/Los Angeles/where-ever)” and I wonder why the hell I bothered to go there, or what I’m going to do there? Then I sort of aimlessly wander around, thinking “shouldn’t I have told someone I was going there?” (somehow, I always have the impression that I have gone away impulsively, without much travel planning.)

Any one have a suggestion what any of this might be coming from? I realize that even Freud said that sometimes when you dream of a horse, the horse is just a horse. It’s just that these “themes” (for lack of a better word) keep coming up again and again in my dreams and I remember them so clearly. They must mean something!

Corn nuggets! Quite by accident I hit “return” before I had a chance to edit the title line: Should read “Help needed!” :smack:

Exploring a house is a common dream and it most often the house represents you. (some dream theory states that everyone and everything in a dream is you) It sounds that deep down you feel that you have a great untapped potential that your subconcious is trying to show you by showing you this very nice house full of wonderful things.

This same theme is in your car dream. Basically, you feel like you need to be in controll of your life but you are not in the drivers seat. If you were in the driver’s seat you would be an excellant driver.

The travel dream is a little different. I wonder if in reality, do you wish to travel? If you do wish to travel then it’s simple, you wish to travel. Maybe you don’t wish to travel and the dream is more that, since you did not prepare earlier in life, you find yourself now in a situation you did not expect. You wonder why you are doing the job you do/date the person you date/don’t date the person you want to date/etc. etc.

And you say to yourself
Well, how did I get here?

My shrink always asks me: “What do you think it means?”

BTW, I think the last two that you described have something in common. Can you see it?

Zebra: Well, I do want to eventually go travelling, someday. (Just can’t afford it right now.) However, it’s not such a deep-rooted desire that it should be consuming so much of my dreamtime. I kind of lean towards your second interpretion myself - I don’t feel like I’m in control of my own life, and feel like (aw, jeez! Yer gonna pounce on this!) I’ve “drifted” into the life I have now.

Zoe: I read it over once, twice, thrice, and…okay, yeah I do see it. In both, I’m going somewhere, and am not in control of where I’m going.

Hmmmnnn, I guess these weren’t such inscrutable puzzles as I thought. Normally, I’m better at intrepreting my dreams than this. Well, thanks for your opinions folks!

Now go take over your life Art.

[hijack] I once had a dream I ate a turkey sandwhich with lots of mayo. That was the entire dream. Would that mean anything, or am I just weird? [hijack]


The ‘Turkey Sandwich’ dream represents a subconcious desire to have sex with your mom.

Well, maybe you were hungry.

Have you thought of getting some therapy, not because there’s anything wrong with you, but more for personal growth? Your first dream, and the fact that it recurs so often, suggests that there’s a lot about yourself left to discover and that much of it might be quite nice. Maybe if someone helps you explore the rooms, you’ll be better able to drive the car and won’t worry so about getting in trouble or what others think. Man! You got a freebie out of me on a Friday night! :wink:

Flamingbananas, get help. NOW.