Anyone outside of Miami and Dallas watching NBA Finals?

I searched for threads about this year’s NBA Finals and didn’t find one. That, plus my own disinterest this year fuels my IMHO question. (The suspension made the early news this morning, finally sparking some interest.)

Does Pro Basketball need an overhaul? Why do we have so much internet and real life interest in the Road to the Final Four but not the NBA playoffs?

Or, discuss the series itself.

Mods, began as a poll, do with it as you wish.

Well, I live in Dallas and I’m a long time fan of the team, so I don’t really count but:

Personally, I think the NBA is doing pretty well, right now. Maybe not from a ratings perspective but from a fan’s perspective. The post-Jordan 90’s were, I thought, a bit dull. But lately there has been more emphasis on team play (Mavs, Suns, Pistons etc. are good examples of this) and high-powered offenses. Really, I think that if you have an interest in the NBA there’s a lot to like with the current state of affaires.

I’m not, but then, I never do. I’m not a fan of basketball (too dull, and no such thing as defense).

I’m watching it in Denver.

Anyone who says there is no defense in the NBA has no clue, none whatsoever. The best college team in the country would be lucky to score 50 against the worst NBA team.

I always get the night wrong and end up catching bits and pieces of the game. Dad doesn’t care because he doesn’t like basketball on tv unless the Pistons are on.

My dad…he’s got a gift. If he has the remote and there are two or more things on of note, he misses every good part in every program/event.

I stopped watching after my Nets were eliminated. If it comes down to a Game 7, then I’ll try and catch the 4th quarter, and root for Dallas.
Or, more to the point, root against Miami.

Amen to your minor point.

Usually, if my team doesn’t get in, I’ll root for whomever represents our division, conference, etc.

Miami doesn’t apply this time.

Pacers fan…go Miami! The end of game 3 was great; Wade just went nuts.

Pistons fan. Rooting against the stupid Heat and their stupid, white-wearing crowd. Stupid stupids.

Gotta admit that Wade is fun to watch, though.

That was a great game. I guess Josh Howard is the new Chris Webber. He better hope they win games 6 & 7.

I’m watching them, although my nights have been busy lately. The playoffs this year have been great, and there is no need for an overhaul at the moment.

I’m watching them! Oh wait, I’m in Dallas. Ah well.

Can I just comment on how much I hate ABC’s coverage? The announcers are OK when they actually talk about the game, but far too often they end up veering off track and not mentioning stuff I want to know about. Near the end of the first half last night, Josh Howard was escorted into the locker room while the announcers were yapping about something. We had no idea if he was hurt, had gotten himself into trouble somehow, or what until right before the start of the second half, when Stuart Scott finally let us in on the fact that he was dealing with a minor injury.

There have been other times were a foul or even a technical foul is called and we don’t ever get to see a replay. I kinda like to see that stuff, ABC.

And don’t get me started on the cable-cam. That had to be invented by someone who thinks vomiting is some kind of cleansing activity for the body. ABC uses it wwwaaayyyy too much.

I miss you, TNT. I promise I’ll never speak ill of your obnoxious ad campaigns for your original programming again. I had no idea what I was in for in the finals. :frowning:

I’m watching them, and I’m not alone.

TV ratings are way up this year over previous years. The playoffs have been astounding this year. . .Bron for two series, the Suns were great to watch. The Clippers really impressed me. The Kobe shit. Great stuff.

I’m watching. I ordinarily wouldn’t be very interested in either team but Flash is keeping me interested. I wish that comparisons to Jordan hadn’t already been so overused on guys like Kobe and LeBron because Wade is the first kid I’ve seen where the comparison seems valid, especially in how he closes games.

I’ve watched a bunch of the playoffs, especially the Western half, oddly enough (since the abysmal Celtics are my home team), but also a bunch of the more interesting Eastern matchups. Haven’t caught more than a few minutes of the finals. I’m just not that interested in the Dallas-Miami matchup for some reason… other than Wade, Miami is a sort of boring team to watch, in particular. Also, the start times on these games are KILLING me. ~9:10 tip on a Sunday night? Are you INSANE? I watched the last few minutes of regulation last night (after the Sox game ended) but just turned it off when it went to OT.

Interestlingly enough, even many of my coworkers in Dallas mentioned they turned the game off before the end. I hate, hate, hate the late start times. The NBA isn’t important enough to me to be a zombie at work.

If the late start times are pandering to the West Coast, I wonder what the numbers are for viewership there of this Central and Eastern time zone matchup.

Cry me a river; they’re a veritable dynasty compared to my home team.

To be fair, I was born just in time for my first Celtic memory to be Reggie Lewis collapsing after practice, and for the NBA highlight of my life to be one of the most wretched-to-watch NBA teams ever making the Eastern Finals. You are right, though - I’ll take Danny Ainge’s half-competence over Isiah’s complete lack thereof any day of the week :slight_smile: Of course, I did get Rick Pitino in the slick, big-time coach roulette while you got Pat Riley…

It’s over. The Heat win. Wade is MVP.