Anyone own a tablet PC? How do you solve over-sensitive pen?

I just got my new HP Touchsmart.

It’s great, but the pen is a little over-sensitive. Clicking a checkbox will check it and instantly uncheck it. Using the on-screen keyboard does this - If I want to type ‘sausages’ it will come out as ‘ssauussaaggess’

I am sure/hope this is an easy fix. Anyone else got a tablet PC and knows how to fix this?

I have a Gateway tablet PC and have never had this problem, at all. However, mine uses WACOM technology and it looks like yours is touch-sensitive. You must have a utility someplace that allows you to adjust the sensitivity and responsiveness. Check Control Panel. You may also have a configuration utility available in the system tray. There may be a utility available as an application if you look in All Programs and look for a folder related to the touchscreen.

I’ve had a HP tablet for a couple years.

Touchsmarts are very sensitive.

But there is one setting that comes to mind.

In the control panel - Pens and Input Devices - under Single Tap, make sure the equivelant Mouse action is not double click. It should be Single click.

HPs usually have touch technology in addition to the pen technology, which often caused problems for my friend who owned one. She turned off the touch-screen functionality and the pen worked a lot better afterward.

I’ll give that a go. There is an option for ‘touch and pen’ and ‘touch only’ and ‘pen only’. I’ll try the ‘pen only’ one.

pan1 It is set to single click only. I checked that. In fact I’ve been looking everywhere for an option that might be the cause.

If the option persists I’ll contact HP directly (or get used to using touch)

But I’d like to be able to use the pen for art type purposes (Photoshop)

BrandonR’s suggestion seems to have worked (though I haven’t really been able to test it fully yet)

Thanks B
I love this thing!

I try counting prime numbers, but only because I don’t know anything about baseball.

(We have a Touchsmart 600t on the way. We’re pretty excited (counting primes excited) because we were going to put a Squeezebox in the kitchen to drive the speakers, instead we went with this. How Jetsons like is it going to be?! Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait …)

Not sure what constitutes Jetsons like. But I love my tx2. Can’t wait to use it for its intended purposes (watching TV/Films on the ferry. Using it as my ‘server’ for music and other applications)

I get jokes!

Ah, the Jetsons! Eep Op Ork Ah Ah!

So we’re in the middle of moving from CDs to digital, and were wondering what we were going to do for kitchen tunes. Almost got a Squeezebox, but at the last minute the Touchsmart caught our eye and a few ideas later … we got the wall-mounting kit and found a place for it (nice and far from the stove!).

Keyboard will go on tray hidden under the cabinets, but for the most part it’ll just be the panel in a frame. Ohhh, nice picture. Hey, wait, you want to check the Dope? Beep boob boo beeep! What goes into making a custard? Boopie boop beeep! (It will make those cool noises, won’t it?) Very sci-fi.

By way of a warning for those intending to buy a tx2 for any artistic purposes that utilize tablet pen sensitivity: Most major apps only support the sensitivity on Wacom devices. The tx2 tablet is done by ‘N-trig’ whom are not supported by most apps (such as adobe)

A minor disappointment for me, but I can live with it. I have a desktop PC with a wacom tablet.

Sorry, what?

Wacom device? N-trig? Does this mean we have to start defending Palin?