Anyone own the IKEA Alex Drawer Unit? How tall when casters removed?

Quick question: Does anyone own the IKEA Alex Drawer Unit on Casters?

If so, how tall is the unit with the casters removed?


(Not an owner of that drawer, just a procrastinator at my office)

Couldn’t you just open the jpg in an image editing program and find the pixel coordinates of some convenient reference points, such as the bottom of the caster in the lower-right corner? I did that and got the following
(x, y) pairs from top to bottom along a line through the lowest point:
(388, 70.6) – top edge of the drawer unit
(388, 430.5) – bottom edge of the drawer unit
(388, 468) – lowest point on the caster.

The proportion you’d set up, assuming that the indicated dimensions include the caster, is y/(359.9 px) = (66 cm)/(397.4 px). That gives a height y = 59 cm = 23.23 inches without the casters.

That sounds about right. Those types of casters usually add about 2-3" of height, depending on their specific size.

How precise a measurement do you need, toadspittle?

I just put one together the other day and left off the casters. (We dont need no stinking casters.) It’s a little less than table height. If you need a more precise measurement, PM me, and I’ll pull out the tape measure tonight.

It’s OK; we went to IKEA yesterday. 23.5, btw. We paired it with some 6.5" legs from the kitchen dept. so that it would fit exactly in the 30"H space under the leaf of a small sewing table to give us storage + structural support.