When did Ikea discontinue this model of Billy?

Recent plans to rearrange my room have gone awry- I’ve discovered that the specific Billy bookcase I want is no longer sold at Ikea. It’s the same depth as other Billy styles, and was of the same height (79 inches, I think), but approximately 23-24 inches wide. Ikea no longer sells it.

Does anybody know when it was cut? I ask purely out of curiosity. I haven’t been in the market for a bookcase for such a long time that I didn’t notice it until now.

I’m not sure when they stopped doing the model you’re after, but everything is now in multiples of 20cm.

The CD/DVD racks (BENNO) are 20cm or 40cm, but not as deep (17cm vs 28cm) and all the BILLY systems are either 40cm or 80cm wide.

Would it work out if you put a 20cm unit beside a 40cm one? I’m guessing it worked for enough people that they could stop making the 60cm one.

The HYLLIS and LYBERG systems also have a unit that is 60cm wide, but neither is quite as tall or as deep as BILLY.

Thanks for the info on the other shelf systems. I probably won’t get them for myself, It’s nice bit of accumulated knowledge. Why won’t I use them? Although I already have a Robin CD rack from Ikea (now discontinued) and an antique dark wood desk to incorporate into the layout, I’d prefer not to mix shelf frame systems. I’m a loyal Billy user.*

I’m thinking of using two of the shorter 40 cm Billy cases; it’s a totally different layout than what I originally intended but I think it will work.

*In the family house, there’s 9 Billy bookcases, mostly birch veneer and 60 cm wide.

I have one of the 23" Billy bookcase too and while renovating my room around late summer of 2006, I tried to buy some more of that particular size. The website at the time noted that the size I wanted was on sale and I rushed over to our local Ikeas only to find out that they were all sold out and not to be stocked. So I made do with two more of the 80cm (~31") wide Billies instead, which is all well and good since I’m running out of space on those already.