Anyone own/used a portable Breathalyzer?

There are a couple reasonably priced models made by Alcohawk. I know that anything short of a professional model isn’t particularly accurate and shouldn’t be relied on. However, I’ve thought about getting one just for fun at parties and for maybe testing my own consumption.

Anyone have any experience with these things?

Only once have I been in the vicinity of one of those awful things.

All of a sudden, a night of drinking turned into a competition. Who could get the numbers up the highest? Who can walk with some crazy BAC?

It was interesting to see just what kind of impact a drink or two had on the number. But Dear Og, once our inhibitions were regressed to a preschool level and we started trying to set a new high score…

…horrible. Just horrible.

Despite all that, I kind of want one to play with, but I wouldn’t ever tell my idiot friends I had it. Of course, if your friends are a touch more mature than mine, then YMMV by quite a bit.