Anyone played a spellcaster in Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer?

I was trying to find out of the “hunger” mechanic messed with spellcasters. It’s easy enough with a high-powered warrior tyoe, but as a spellcaster it seems like all the neat spells pretty much vanish in seconds. I mean, the enemies have grossly high hit points, and it often takes 300+ damage to take down even weak monsters. That’s a lot of spells.

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Sorry, I just don’t use spellcasters in most RPGs. I went through NWN 2 and MoB with a Monk.


Playing a spellcaster with a good aligment is easier that playing an evil one, or atleast that USED to be the case. The latest patch removes alignment shifts caused by some of the different ways to satisfy the curse.

It never bothered me too much. using satiate and then the undead form kept me well above the second penalty. The few times it got bad I’d just use the power of last resort (I forget the name) and that was that. Definitely bring along the tanks and manage your spells. But you should be doing that anyway, curse or no.

Maybe it was the NPC’s not managing their spells which confused me. The AI is an abomination unto man, and this game does not easily support playng the whole party at once.

Thank you!