Anyone playing City of Villains?

I know we have a City of Heroes SDMB group… how about City of Villains? Anyone playing the evil side? Or are they the same (it’s been a while since I played, and I’m thinking of picking up the two-pack that includes them both.)

Most people are playing both. The bad side is on… uh, Protector? Check global channel CECIL for more information. The evil side are the Urban Legends, based vaugely on, well, urban legends.

I play Villains a bit, but not nearly as much as I do Heroes; I can’t quite get “into” playing a villain, and it doesn’t quite have the charm of the hero side.

Still, I would recommend getting the Good vs. Evil two-pack if only because that’s the only way you can have all the costume options for both sides. Also, it comes with a nifty “jump pack” – it provides vertical motion only, but it’s mildy-to-moderately handy, especially before you have a travel power.

And even after. It makes superspeed much less frustrating. And for the 30 seconds or so it runs, it turns Hover into Fly, Superjump into fast flight, and makes Fly faster. Plus, it helps keep you from dropping to the ground when you teleport.

Those who already have the game(s) can purchase a GvE serial code from NCsoft for $29.95 and get a free month, as well as all in-game stuff.

I think you can also get a GvE serial code that just gives you the extra stuff without the month of playtime for $10 – that’s what I got. Not sure if it’s still offered.

I like CoV’s quality of life stuff, like radio and newspaper missions, I like the costume options and the new archetypes. But like Licentious Ectomorph, I don’t find myself getting into the villain side as much – I’m just a good guy at heart, I guess.

Doesn’t seem to be. That’s what I was looking for and only found the $29.95 one.

Dang. It was a good deal. Although the $29.95 is an okay deal as well, as it includes a free month of play.
It’s right there. Don’t think it unlocks CoV if you have CoH, though.

Yes, I’m playing Villains.

The City of Heroes thread got my curiosity going, and when they announced trial codes a year ago I decided to give it a spin, and have been there ever since.

I have a large VG on Victory called the Evil Shadow Knights. we’ve been building up the base for a year, so we have most of the possible items and lots of storage space. Everyone is welcome to join.

I started a hero on Freedom called Max Vertigo, maybe I’ll see someone there.

That’s the $30 one.

My periodic MMORPG bitch; accursed region-only servers!

That was my problem. I liked the QoL in the Rogue Islands, but I felt dirty the first time I delivered “parts” to the Vahz.

No, there’s the 10 dollar one. Go click on the CoH store at the bottom.

Why, there it is!
City of Heroes® Good Versus Evil Edition In-Game Item Pack

City of Heroes® or City of Villains® required.