Anyone playing Tower Madness? How do I kill the boss cockroack thingie???

I am currently obsessed with Tower Madness, an iPod touch app. Not sure what other platform the game runs on.

So I do really well until later stages when the giant cockroach comes alone. None of the weapons seem to work. Nukes, electric towers, nothing seems to bother it.

What weapons do I use?

Hope I get an answer!
Thank you in advance,


Hi Bamboo Boy,

I’m glad you’re enjoying TowerMadness! I’m one of the co-founders of Limbic Software, the developers of the game.

The best way to pick up strategies when you get stuck is to go to Madness Online (from the main menu) and watch replays to see what other players are doing to get high scores.

In general, it’s important to build as tight a maze as possible. In addition, you’ll find that high level laser towers are super effective against bosses, especially when used in combination with a high level electroslow.

Good luck!

Thanks for the tips, Akeshmirian- I actually HAVE watched replays from the leaderboards. It was very good to look at different opening strategies. Once things heat up, however, it is very difficult to discern what weapon is responsible for what damage. It can all get quite chaotic.

I will give your suggestion of high level electro slow with high level laser towers.

That’s so cool that you are involved with the development of TM! I feel like I’m getting the information from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.


You should try to use a fully upgraded railgun. If you don’t have the 2250 dollars to get the final upgrade, use at least two railguns that are right before the final upgrade.