Anyone read Elegy Beach yet?

The fantasy novel Ariel is one of my favorites, as it came out at a time when I was near the protagonist’s age and was sharing a lot of the same teenage angst. It has held a special place for me since then and I’ve re-read it many times.
I just about flipped when I heard Boyett was actually writing a sequel to it, Elegy Beach. It came out last week and I read it in one day.
I don’t know what to think. As a novel on its own, I enjoyed it. I found it as well written and imaginative as I originally found Ariel, and ironically enough, I am now about the same age as the protagonist from the first book is in the second.
But for some reason, I had imagined better for Pete Garey. I didn’t much care for his life as it had turned out in the sequel.
Anyone else read this yet? What are your thoughts?

I started reading the re-issue of Ariel the other day; it’s good so far!
Not seen Elegy Beach yet, although I knew it was coming out.

Bump just in case anyone has read it since…