Anyone read the book or seen the film Bully??

Was anyone else struck by the sexisim??

I thought a “sexisim” was some sort of virtual reality masturbatory device. I saw the film and sexism is the last thing that came to mind. I saw phenomenal acting and some great direction. That scene where the group of friends is standing around in a circle casually deciding how they’re going to kill the bully with the camera rotating around within the middle of the circle made my jaw drop. I guess you know it’s based on a true story so “sexism” doesn’t apply in the same way it might to apply to fiction. I should qualify that I when I think of the term “sexism” I generally think of women portrayed as weak which was anything but the case in this film - the women were the strongest characters.

What sexism, exactly? I have read the book and seen the movie, and don’t think either gender was cast in a particularly negative light (in relation to the other- in other words, everyone looks bad. Very, very bad). I guess if I had to choose anything, it would be that Lisa has been portrayed as the ringleader, able to manipulate others to kill with her feminine wiles. And, of course, the constant, lingering female nudity that adds little to the plot. Biju Philips blew up when she saw the film- containing a crotch shot of her- for the first time. But hey. Go see Ken Park and you;ll realize that Larry Clark spends just as much time on shots of young male genitalia (just for the record, I thought the directing was probably the weakest element. I think someone else could have taken these actors and the “script”- basically just scenes straight out of the book- and made something better. But would they?).
What examples of sexism, exactly, did you have in mind?

Umm, it was a movie, full of sexism or not, I could really care.

The “bully” I have to admit would have gotten his butt kicked well before all the other mess happened if we hung out(not meaning to sound tough because I’m not).

If you read the book AND seen the movie, you find out that both Lisa and Ali were raped by Bobby more than once. It’s hard to convey how dehumanizing the crime of rape is. Jim Shutze and Larry Clark don’t even TRY. They just sweep the issue of the rapes under the carpet. I’m not trying to insinuate that thier rapes excuses his murder. I just find it rather hard to beleive that Lisa’s driving motive would be related to a sexual obsession with Marty. Tim Donnelly, the prosecutor, delayed the trial until Lisa’s preganancy had advanced so that his “Sexual obsession” arguement would have “physical evidence”. It gets a little sticky here. What do you guys think?

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**I thought a “sexisim” was some sort of virtual reality masturbatory device. **


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I saw a play called Bully! in the '70s, but it was a one-man show about the life of Teddy Roosevelt.