Anyone remember episode of Malcom in t mid when asthma kid says who invented spoon?

First off, don’t try googling ‘malcolm’ or ‘malcolm in the middle’ w/ ‘spoony spoonikus’ or ‘spoony spoonicus,’ or ‘invented the spoon.’

The episode was like 99 season, this one, when Malcolm becomes dumb like Reese. At the dinner table, Malcolm asks “I wonder who invented the spoon?” and Reese replies “Spoony Spoonikis!” hahahaha :rolleyes:

But the asthma kid started to say something, IIRC a person’s given name. However, Wikipedia shows only this page about how the wooden spoon was probably first used by the The English Iron Age Celts (250 BC). " Roman period spoons have been recovered from excavations in the City of London. The Anglo Saxons were great workers of wood, as were the Vikings, and both these groups of settlers to the British Isles produced wooden spoons for domestic uses."

But this isn’t a GQ, this is asking if anyone has the dvd of the ep or remembers it verbatim? What made the brilliant asthma kid think a particular man invented the spoon? Or do the writers know something I don’t? :confused: