Anyone remember Grandy's?

Why I remembered this place I don’t know, I remember them having biscuits that were apparently very good.’s

Haven’t seen one in more than a decade(before I left the US anyway).

Oh yeahh… best fast food chain ever. They had great comfort food: ribs, country fried steak, potatoes and gravy, fried okra, etc…, and a great alternative to burgers and fried chicken (though they had fried chicken too).

I ate in one once…1989 in Oklahoma when I was out visiting relatives. I remember it being very good.

Wow, I didn’t think so on hearing the name, but looking at the wiki page and seeing the logo made me remember that, yes, I did eat at one once. Would’ve been in '91, and I was driving across country (Baltimore to Los Angeles) to attend a college semester. My dad came along for the ride. I’m not quite sure why I remember this detail, but I know I got the chicken fried steak, and didn’t like it very much. But I’ve since learned I’m just not a big fan of chicken fried steak in general.

My memory must have a big glitch in it, since I have been in Nashville since the late 50’s and I can’t remember Grandy’s being here. The Wiki article says Nashville is their home base. Weird.

Yes I do, I would like to say these three words.


And let me add (wait for it)

I like old school home cooking too. (at home I bake or grill everything) so fried stuff with cream gravy----I’m in heaven.

But I never had anything good there. I’ll give any place three times. I dragged myself to the third time.


I liked Grandy’s growing up in Dallas/Fort Worth. Their chicken fried steak was clearly fast food, and didn’t really have the taste or texture of what you’d find anywhere else. But I found it yummy.

I also recall fondly the rolls with honey…

Yes, I do. I don’t remember anything about the food, but I remember they used to hire a Granny type person with wire-rimmed glasses and a gray-haired bun to walk around and be the Grandy Granny.

I could apply for that job now… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s still all over Texas and still outstanding.

Yes, I remember my parents and I going there for weekend breakfasts in Wichita in the 1980s. They had Norman Rockwell pictures on the walls.

Apparently they just left central Illinois about 10 years ago. My husband says that the factory used to buy employees one lunch a month–always from Grandys.

I ate there quite a bit when I lived in the Dallas area. The chicken fried steak wasn’t “toothy” enough for my taste but it was smothered in cream gravy as Og intended and their rolls were outstanding. It was much better than anything I was willing or able to make at home.

Yeah I do remember Grandy’s, we have one here, right next to a Wendy’s on a busy street. I have been there at least twice this year.

We still have Grandy’s in Evansville IN. I have gotten some really good fried chicken there, and I have gotten some that’s undercooked and greasy.

The BEST thing that Grandy’s sells (in my opinion) is their southern fried catfish… OMG it is HEAVEN. H.E.A.V.E.N. I tell you.

I went to the one in Gainesville, FL, about 15 years ago. Right across 34th Street from the Publix. According to the official website, it’s the only Grandy’s in Florida. I don’t remember it being particularly good or bad.

I vaguely remember eating at one somewhere in Alabama when I was a kid in the 80s. I remember the little old lady with glasses character. I don’t remember much about the food.

I’ve gone a couple of times. I was not impressed. However, I chicken fried steak is one of the state foods, and there are a lot of small mom-and-pop diners around here that will sell a fantastic CFS, with real cream gravy, and with mashed potatoes, too. And a lot of home cooks around here know how to make a great CFS, too.

One of the reasons I gave up eating at Denny’s was because their “CFS” was not a steak at all, but rather a ground beef patty with breading on it. What’s more, they wanted to serve it with french fries during the late night hours…no good if I was coming off of a swing shift and wanted a good meal without cooking it.

Not all over Texas, sadly. At least not in central and south Texas.