Anyone remember the SNL skit with Stegopuss?

It was a fake commercial for these costumes (not to be confused with Catprin costumes) that you could put on your cat to turn them into something like “battle cats” (not to be confused with He-Man’s Battle Cat) with names like Cat-Atomic, Skelekitty, and Stegopuss. Anyone know where I might find the video of this? I looked on Google video, Youtube, and Iflim with no success…

Can’t help you with the video, but I loved this commercial. Especially when they showed the “Mini-Might” kitten with the rocket on its back. Classic.

Try Action Cats!

I think it would have been better if they offered a kitten in every box.

Action Cats are awesome!

One of their best commercial parodies. I’ve always contended that the fake commercials are the best work on SNL.
No surprise though. Maybe it’s better to spend some real time coming up with an idea, shoot it well, and redo it as necessary, instead of making up something dumb at the last minute and staring at the cue cards.

Hey, hey, it’s Adobe! The little car that is made out of clay!

(Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.)

I’m sorry I never saw the SNL Stegopuss, but I do remember Septopus from Home Movies/ :slight_smile:

Yes!! Thanks, Max Carnage!

I loved that commercial! IIRC, it was the same season as the ad with the PHILADELPHIA action figures!

And maybe Big Red!