SNL fake commercials

Have they stopped doing them? I mean the ones that always followed the monologue?


I’ve shot quite a few over the years, but the ones that stand out are the one with David Spade and the Two Fops where they visit an S&M Sex Club like it’s a normal tourist trap in NYC, and the one for Viagra.

The one for genuine horse hoof glue was pretty hilarious too. They’re ( almost ) always directed by the same man- James Signorelli. He’s directed them since the first year, and written many of the classic commercial spoofs.

They shoot them in waves, and perhaps over the last few weeks, they haven’t aired any. Some are prepped with literally a day’s notice, others are written and prepped weeks in advance. Typically the spoofs that involve the week’s guest host are shot the day before air, and there is a frantic rush of post-production to get them from location to air.

My hands down favorite one featured Julianna Marguilies, who had just left “E.R.” at that point. It was a spoof on the entire look of the show, but instead of a human, they had a stuffed animal who had “coded” and was rushed in on a teeny tiny backboard, being bagged the whole time.

She brings it back to life after a few rounds of shocks. The whole thing ran like 90 seconds, and was just hysterical.

Patience, they’ll be back on here and there. It’s mid-April- at some point very soon, S.N.L. is going to go off for hiatus and you’ll get just re-runs anyway, until October.


Can anyone help me identify one of my favorite SNL commercials? It was a car commercial, except the vehicle’s “special feature” was that it actually had a vagina where the trunk lock would be. When they showed it “in use,” it was blurred out – hilarious!

After Colon Blow and Happy Fun Ball, it’s one of my favorites; but I can’t remember what the name of the car was!

I like the one with the Clucking Chicken restaurant, where a cartoon chicken is explaining to children how a chicken is prepared for eating.

First season: Garrett Morris, in full Marine dress blues, wandering the streets of New York, shows him stopping to talk with various people, but not what he’s saying, voice over on the glories of the corp (I think), ends with Garrett obviously picking up a male prostitute–voice over " The Marines. We’re looking for a few good men".
And, of course, “Doggy Downers” and “Puppy Uppers”.
I’ve just dated myself badly, haven’t I?

The car one should be here. I’ve never seen it but I know that it was Will Ferrell that did the car. No one else could ever hope to pull that off.

We haven’t had a good SNL commercial thread in awhile. My favorite has always been “Sleepytime Rat Control.” Nothing cuter then sleeping rats.

Oh, and watching the classic SNL playing on E! “Pussywhip, the dessert topping for cats.”

My all time favorite was the Royal Deluxe II care commercial. With a ride so smooth, you could circumsize a baby on a cobblestone street. It was a parody of the Ford LTD commercial where you could cut a diamond on a cobblestone street. My father happended to be walking through the room on the date of first airing. He fell onto the floor laughing.

I liked the one with Rosanne Barr that parodies those early-90s bank commercials with people in dark rooms talking about how good the service at their bank is.

ROSEANNE (as bank teller): I told him he could take his check roll it up, and stick it up his –


PHIL HARTMAN (as customer); She gave me several options.


My favorite will always be “Nerf Crotch Bat”.

It’s relatively simple humor; a bunch of people getting hit in the crotch a lot. That’s all there is to it but I find it hilarious.

I’d also thought it was Will Ferrell, but the link you provided didn’t have that commercial on it (it did, however, have the “Lux 420SL,” the car for crazy people).

Other suggestions for what the vagina car might have been called?

The Mercury Mistress

Oh, and it was Chris Parnell.

Mercury Mistress, that’s it! “The car that handles like a freaky European gymnast!” They didn’t include it when they re-ran the episode, so I was starting to think I’d imagined the whole thing.

Thanks, Genseric.


COMM Mercury Mistress
Ana Gasteyer … passenger
Chris Parnell … motorist
Horatio Sanz … burglar

So how did Ana and Horatio fit into the commercial?

Schmitts Gay.

Ass Don’t Smell


Ass Don’t Smell

“But…your ass doesn’t smell!”

Three Leg Jeans wasn’t hilariously funny but was very well made. It really had the feel of a Levi’s commercial.

PETCHOW Brand Rat Poison - it was prinited on the bag that way. Will Ferrell played Mr. Petchow (I can’t remember his first name) who was sick of seeing his dogs terrorized by rats, so he came up with his own special recipe for rat poison. He loved his dogs so much, he put their pictures on the bag. Classic! :smiley:

Wasn’t it Dan Ackroyd that did a commercial for a product(forget what it was) called “Painful Rectal Itch” With a name like that it HAS to be good!