Anyone remember the weird neighbors thread?

Can’t find it anywhere.
Did it get eaten?
There was the funniest post I’ve ever seen-can’t remember who wrote it-about his crazy neighbor who would give them a “thumbs down” whenever she drove past their house?

Can’t find one either. Why don’t you start one? Everyone has a weird neighbor story.

I remember that thread! I related the thumbs-down story to my BF. LOL!

I will have to go looking for it now.

Could stupid neighbors be included in that thread, or would I need to start a separate one? Man, I’ve got a doozy for you from Stupiduburbia. And I’m sure you’ve got them too.

Hey the thumbs down was my neighbor!

She still does it if she sees us outside.

Yeah Mudshark! It was you!
Dubious honor of writing the funniest thing I’ve seen here, you have.
What else did she do?
Sure, viva, feel free to include your doozy!

Living in an apartment with my wife, we had a neighbor of indeterminate gender who would occasionally be found standing outside our door listening to the going-ons inside. S/he was about 4 ft tall, maybe middle aged, and would quietly return to his/her own apartment when we approached the door. Even if there was nothing of any particular interest going on inside, s/he could be found there until one day we opened the door unexpectedly and scared him/her back into his/her own apartment. Without a word, I might add…

My wife and I were walking around our block last week when she pointed out a 6 by 6 foot patch of raggedly cut grass in a pretty decent sized lawn. Turns out the lady had been out there in her robe one afternoon cutting it with a pair of safety scissors.

We’ve never seen the people that live in the house behind us, even though we’ve been there for 5 years! Their car windows are tinted so you can’t see in when they pass and they wouldn’t answer the front door the few times I’ve stopped by to introduce myself.

A friend had a neighbor that never took out the trash. It was a mother and son that lived there and there was trash piled up 3 to 4 feet high throughout the house, including dog and cat turds, with trails for walking inbetween. He said it was the most vile, disgusting thing he could have imagined.

That thumbs-down has become part of my life. Seriously. I found it so incredibly funny (and reminiscent of the scene in the amusement park from Spinal Tap) that I do it to express dismay for EVERYTHING. McGriff pops out again? Thumbs down! Have to stay late at work? Thumbs down! Simpsons a rerun? Thumbs down!

I’ve never had really weird neighbors. I’ve lived next to drug dealers, people who would beat the hell out of their kids, and an old lady who called me “stupid cracker” every time I walked outside. But no one weird.

My parents, on the other hand, live next door to a guy who keeps doing weird stuff in his yard. He built a ‘shed’ in his backyard for the 2 huge dogs he has. This shed has two stories, air conditioning, and a satellite dish. I think he goes out there when his wife pisses him off. He covered the remaining part of his backyard with that chunky white gravel, so that he wouldn’t have to mow the lawn. So, now these 2 huge dogs take huge dumps on top of gravel. Let me tell you, the smell could kill you on a hot day. He also leaves his Hanukkah lights up all year round. He’s got a gigantic Star of David in the tree in his front yard. He only lights it at Hanukkah. He put it up the first year they moved there, (about 11 years ago) and hasn’t taken it down since.
He’s a nice guy. He’s got a good sense of humor, and he’s always been very friendly with my parents. I just don’t understand the yard antics. At least he puts up the huge Lawn Menorah (sp?) at the end of the holiday. :smiley:

The crazy old woman who lived several doors down from my parents took lawn ornaments and left the neighborhood with her 20 year old boyfriend. (Not saying there’s anything wrong with that. If I can still get a 20 year old boyfriend when I’m well on my way to my 70’s, you can bet your sweet bippy I’ll take full advantage of it!) Those cats had to go, though. Four feet tall, purple and white ceramic Siamese cats sitting at the top of her driveway, on either side of the garage door. A ‘rock garden’ along the sidewalk to the house, made up of multi-colored stripes of aquarium gravel. In each stripe, she ‘planted’ color-clashing plastic flowers. So, in the blue gravel, there would be red flowers, in the orange gravel blue flowers, in the white gravel purple, etc… It was just wretched. I wish I could have taken a picture of it before she left.

Mudshark, the “thumbs down” is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read on the SDMB. I think the thread may have been eaten in the Great Hack of '02.

A friend of mine supplied this site:

glad I don’t live next door

See, Mudshark?
It’s not just me who remembers how funny your story was!
I was so dismayed to find that the thread disappeared in the
“02 Hack”.
Please, for those who did not read it, will you tell us about her again?

Oh-and Skerri-
you should have told her that your Momma says that
stupid cracker is as stupid cracker does!

Okay, Sidle gave me the go-ahead, so here is my Stupid Tale from Suburbia:

It happened last week. The stupid neighbors had a big tall palm tree in their front yard, very close to the house, which they have been renting for several years. They got some equally stupid guys to come and chop it down–but instead of starting from the top and working their way down, they sliced it just a few feet from the roots and the whole darn thing crashed down on the roof!
The residents came running out, covered with drywall and assorted debris, but not hurt. Just think: this thing could have destroyed the neighbors’ cars on either side if it had fallen that way. Or it could have blocked traffic in the street if it had fallen there! It took them the better part of two days to get the palm stuff hauled away, except for the remaining stump. And since the roof is caved in, they had to cover it with a big blue tarp the other day since it started raining.
One wonders what the owners are going to say. I did see the renters taking pictures of the disaster when the tree was still on the roof. (I discreetly took photos too, for posterity, and emailed them to friends and fam, all of whom were stunned by the news.) :wink:

I have yet to figure out whether my current neighbor is actually odd or simply mentally impaired. He’s apparently the son of the woman down the hall who’s in her mid-nineties (she gets around quite well for her age, but he stops in to check up on her).

Most of the time, he mumbles when he talks, but the few clear statements he does make are certainly stating the obvious. On a cold, icy day last year to me as I was headed out: “Watch out! That ice is cold! It’s hard! It hurts if you fall on it! Watch out for ice!”

His other thing is trash–we live in a less-than-clean inner city neighborhood. I occasionally see him outside—he’ll start picking up trash and throwing it in the trash cans, but then he gets obsessed about the definition of trash and will pick up teeny-tiny scraps of paper, sometimes spending several minutes on an area a few inches square.

We had an interesting family living across the street from us when I was a kid. The kids were in their twenties and didn’t live with the parents, but would come over so that all four of them could go grocery shopping together. Whenever we ran into them in the grocery store, they would kind of freak out (the mother would hide, while the others could barely say hi). We’re pretty sure the mother was agoraphobic—she would venture out periodically, but would hide if she knew anyone was looking at her.

We have some weird neighbors living across from us right now. 3 or 4 middle school-age girls, all mildly-to-moderately obese, and their mother whom we hardly ever see.

Anyway, one fine summer day one of the larger girls was out on the front porch in her swimming suit. She goes inside and gets a sleeping bag, which she pulls to the sidewalk right in front of her house. She proceeds to lay down and a few minutes later she’s asleep. In the middle of the day. In Summer. In a sleeping bag on the sidewalk. A few people walk by her and just kind of stare. It was rather odd.

One other time, their mother came to our door, asking for 2 dollars because she “needs to buy milk”. Yeah, right!

Ok, I will post about my neighbor again, I just cant do it right now, I’ve got to finish some homework.

Don’t fret, my little feathered friends, I will return.

OMG-Blink178-you reminded me of a funny story about my former
neighbor across the street:
He was a little old retired man who hung out in his yard all day long, as little old retired men are sometimes wont to do.
Anyway, one day I see him sprawled out on his back in the front yard, under a tree. Now, I know, I mean I just know, that he is just taking a nap. However, as one leg is akimbo, and his big straw hat is flung two feet over, I become scared that maybe he has had a heart attack or stroke, especially since I have never seen anyone bed down in their front 40 before.
So, knowing that I’m about to embarass myself, but conscience won’t allow me to leave it alone, I walk across the street and lean over their curb, calling
“Mr Davis! Mr Daaaavvviiiiisssssss!!!”
I get nothing.
(Did I mention that he likes to tipple a bit in the afternoon?)
So I ring the bell, and his wife answers cautiously.
I tell her that I’m sure everything’s fine, but that her husband is laying in the yard, and I just wanted to make sure he was OK, and not too hot or something.
She does not seem concerned, so I thank her for her time, and scuttle back to my house. Instead of going inside, though, I go out back, out of sight, to play with the dogs.
Next thing you know, I hear them scrappin furiously;

“Just can’t do a thing with you-why do you have to act so silly?”

"What-can’t a man take a nap on his own property if that’s what he wants to do?

“One of the little white girls across the street thought you was dead!”

“That’s not my problem, woman. I’ll do what I want to do in my own yard.”

“Well, you’re embarassing yourself, and me, in front of the whole neighborhood. You should know better.”



(Whoops! Didn’t mean to get him in trouble!)

There was an elderly man that lived behind us. He was always working on something in his yard. Then he had some health problems, and we didn’t see him for awhile. His family got him a riding lawnmower, I guess to give him something to do because it was a pretty small yard.
He mowed the yard every single day, for hours, until someone would come out and get him. They should’ve told him to lift the blade up, because after the first week there was no more grass, so he mowed the dirt. There would be a big brown dust cloud with the headlights shining thru.

He also had issues with the family cat. When his wife and daughter would leave, he would pick up kitty and go for a stroll down the driveway, open the mailbox, look inside, insert kitty, close the box. When the family came home, they would rescue the kitty.