Anyone remember Zevo?

When I was a kid back in the 60’s and 70’s there was this half-assed sour cream substitute called “Zevo Cultured Food Dressing”. It came in a aqua blue/green container. It had the look and consistency of sour cream, but had no dairy in it! I thought it was gross as hell but my parents ate it.

Anyone know WTF was in that shit? How did they make sour cream without milk? Use old Cool Whip? And what made it “cultured”, anyway? :confused:

I don’t remember Zevo but I use Tofutti Dairy Free Sour Cream and Sour Supreme all the time. No dairy and I think it tastes better than sour cream.

I also use Just Mayo, a vegan eggless & dairy-free spread that IMO tastes better than regular mayonnaise. Oh, and Nayonaise, another vegan spread that IMO is better tasting than regular mayonnaise.

I say zip it
zip it good.

Are we not milk?

Dang, I thought this was about my favorite canceled-after-one-season Nickelodeon animated series, Zevo-3. Usta watch it with my daughter. It was rad.

Don’t remember that one, but I do rememberIMO Sour Cream Substitute from the same era. It was really good. Apparently it was discontinued in 2014.

Here’s a Zevo Food Dressing cookbook on eBay.