Anyone see any movies this weekend?

if so what did you think of End of Days and Sleepy Hollow and Toy2?

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On my attempt to see Sleepy Hollow, they wouldn’t let me in, because they were carding. I got stuck seeing the new Bond movie for a second time, The World Is Not Enough. It’s an okay movie, but I didn’t really want to see it twice. Tell me if Sleepy Hollow is good, because I want to try to still see it.

Saw Sleepy Hollow and The World Is Not enough.

Sleepy Hollow is a Tim Burtin film, period. Your opinion of the movie will be based mainly on your opinion of his other movies (I liked the film, BTW).

TWINE was pretty good. It seemed that Bond is just a little more ruthless in this one, and the stunts were as outragous as usual.

My family and I were gonna try to see End Of Days, but it was sold out. I’ll catch it Monday or Tuesday.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Didn’t see any of those movies, but yesterday I saw Double Jeopardy. (Wanted to see Dogma again, but it wasn’t playing 'til 9:45.) I stupidly saw it with my firend Amanda who I always end up arguing with. We started talking about whether it could really happen, and she drove me crazy with her usual “keep repeating the same argument over and over again and then get mad when Cess keeps explaining why that’s wrong.”


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Saw “Sleep Hollow” and thought it was “light”. Everything under done and never really drew me into the movie. Particularlly disappointing was Miranda Richardson. The “headed” horseman was the only really engaging character. I even found Elfman’s music trite and I usually love his stuff.

Have not seen any of those movies. Did go to see Proncess Mononoke. Excellent film. I am not generally a fan of Japanese animation, but this movie was magnificent. A grand fable of ecological balance told in a sweeping and visualy imaginative style. Best cartoon I’ve seen since, well, ever.

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Toy2 got thumbs up from my family.I didn’t see it.

I saw TS2. Another two thumbs up!

I’ve seen Being John Malkovich twice now. I LOVE that movie. I actually got tired of laughing for the whole two hours. I guess some people just don’t get it, but it is now on my top ten list.

Toy Story 2 was excellent. The family’s dog wasn’t animated up to the standards of the rest of the movie, but everything else was marvelous. I laughed so hard… oh man.

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End Of Days was ALRIGHT, nothing special.

I was actually rather dissapointed in Arnold. He not ONCE said “ahhll be beck.”, and he only grabbed ONE big gun from the arsenal!! I’ve come to expect certain things from him dammit! :slight_smile: