Anyone see Dubya on Oprah?

Well, there I was, watching the news. Turns out, Dubya was on Oprah. Now, I’ll most likely be voting for Albert. However, I used to be a Republican, and keep an open mind about this. So I was curious as to how he would act on Oprah.

One of the questions she asked him was:

“What is the best present you’ve ever given?”

Ok, a pretty cupcake question. Actually, a pretty pathetic question. However, it does present Dubya to give a nice smarmy answer to please all the ladies in the room. It also gives him an opportunity to touch on the “Compassion” of “Compassionate Conservatism”. So, what does he respond with?

Turns out, his daughter was an english major at TCU. Big into literacy programs and such. So, to compliment this, for her birthday, he bought her and named the promenade to the campus library after her.

I’m sorry, but if you want to start pulling away from the “rich, white oilman image”, I wouldn’t mention that you bought a large chunk of university library for your daughter!

Just thought I’d share…

I thought Dubya hurt himself more than he helped on Oprah. I thought he was inarticulate, uncomfortable, clumsy and utterly charmless. He just doesn’t do all that well when things are unscripted. The man can deliver a speech when its laid out in front of him, but he can’t ad-lib his way out of a paper bag.

I did get a chuckle when after being asked what the best gift he had ever recieved was, he shrugged and said “I dunno . . . a tie, I guess.”

Oprah paused, then said “I thought it was your father’s cufflinks.”

“OH! Oh yeah!” Dubya said, and went into the not-so-touching-now story of how his father had given him his granddaddy’s cufflinks when he became govenor and it had meant SOOOO much to him. Oprah shuffled her cards, and said “Well, I * thought * it had!”

Lissa, are you making this up? I’ve heard people say that the reason George W. Bush Jr. wants “informal” debates is because he does so much better in relaxed situations. If he can’t do well even on Oprah then he’s in trouble.

Bush’s daughter went to Texas Christian University?

Whoa. I guess Yale really HAS tightened up its admissions policies since the mid-1960s and the advent of the meritocracy.

“Okay, President Brewster, the first thing we’ll agree upon is NO MORE BUSHES.”

ROFL! I’m sorry I missed it. I understand he did a taped segment for David Letterman a couple months ago and it was so humiliatingly bad that even Dave didn’t have the heart to run it. I did see Ralph Nadar on Leno a couple weeks back and that was sort of surreal. Leno was asking him strange questions and one of the comedians from the movie “Kings of Comedy” was sitting on his other side cutting up. Not the ideal platform for a presidential candidate to make his case. Oh well, you take what you can get, I suppose. A shame really, who wouldn’t vote for a guy who attempts a rubber chicken gag in broad daylight? It was worth a chuckle.

I believe the correct phrasing is “Did you check out that Bush on Oprah?!”

No, I’m not making it up, Arnold; I thought the guy was embarassingly bad. Oprah wasn’t asking what I’d call in-depth questions, either . . . more along the lines of “What’s your favorite sandwich?” and “How long has it been since your wife got mad at you?” His accent seemed to deepen as well . . . he sounded almost like Ross Perot there for a while. I don’t know if he’s going for the simple, hometown boy approach, but it didn’t play. The audience clapped obligingly in the proper places, but didn’t seem overly-awed.

You should compare it to Gore’s visit the week before.

kiffa, I saw that one as well. Albert was MUCH more comfortable. Now, I’m not placing much weight on these - I think anyone should be able to give a convincing answer to the question, “Do you like bologna?”, even Ross Perot. But the thing that gets me is that Bush had a great opportunity to do some impressin’, and utterly failed.

I don’t think an appearance like that can hurt you, however it is an opportunity to gain some undecided voters. You’re not going to sway many people’s opinions with K-State competition questions like that.

Think about it, though. If this is how Bush does on OPRAH…
How would he do during some big fiasco with Congress, or foreign powers?

Good lord! Putin, Blair, all those other world leaders would eat him alive!

Especially if Putin asks him “How did you like that Christmas present I sent you last year?” Bush will say “Uh, was it a tie?” :o

Lissa, what makes the story even funnier to me is that I’ve read in an article how those cufflinks meant so much to him. The story could have been a good heart-tugger for the Oprah crowd if he managed to relate it without any prompting.