Anyone see Richard Simmons on Letterman Wed 11/29?

I was really looking forward to this and it was ok… not as great as I expected tho… Dave didn’t do as much as I had hoped.


Anyone else think they purposely sabotaged Richard’s steamer?

Of course they did. The tray, which, as Simmons said, isn’t part of the steamer had the pyro effect in it. The only question in my mind was whether they told Simmons to expect something or not. Based on his initial confusion about the presence of the tray and his hilarious reaction, I’d have to guess he didn’t know what was going to happen.

Simmons knew. If not, he would have reacted more upset.

Looks liek a typical Simmons-on-Letterman kerfluffle. Simmons probably knows to expect something horrible to happen to him when he’s on the Late Show.

DAMMIT! I was giving up The Colbert Report to watch this and I fell asleep. :smack: