Anyone seen 28 Days Later yet?

Calling all movie reviewing dopers!

The trailers for this movie are hailing it as a return to the classic zombie horror flick. I downloaded a 6 minute preview from that does look pretty good. Can anyone report back if it’s worth the cash? I’m planning on seeing it tonight, I’ll try to post a review afterwards. Thanks!

Yes. The first time it came out, back when it was called “Omega Man.” It was on at about 3 am the other night. I’m interested to see if the remake is any better…or at least as good. I enjoyed it.

Yes. It was OK. The opening sequence of a deserted London was stunning, way more so (IMHO) than Vanilla Sky due to the fact that he goes for a real good wander around.

Calling it a remake of “Omega Man” is really pushing it. Just because two films have similar themes does not mak eone a remake of the other.

The first half absolutely rocks, the second half goes astray and gets a little weird. I really liked it and definitely recommend it.

Could’ve been scarier. IMHO, it was more a “end of civilization” movie than a true horror movie. YMMV.

I thought it was pretty good. Like someone said above, I think the second half was far weaker than the first.

Big spoiler regarding ending (so don’t read unless you’ve seen it):

I felt that the ending would have been SO much better had they taken the “end-of-the-world” route rather than the heroes surviving and the world is safe once again.
I would have loved it if they had ended it when the three run into the closed gate and the screen freezes for a second. Or if right after that they kept the words “28 Days Later,” but then proceeded to show scenes from New York or Paris (the two places they mentioned outbreaks) where the infected are wrecking havoc.
On a side note, I missed the first 2 or 3 minutes of the movie. Were the monkies infected with a man-made disease due to testing or something, or was it natural?

[spoiler]The problem with the New York and Paris thing is, how does a virus that takes effect within 30 seconds get across the ocean? Hell, a character in the movie even brought this up. I think those broadcasts were faked, to keep anyone from trying to escape England by eliminating all hope.[/spoilers]

There were no infecteds in New York or Paris. The whole thing was faked so that it could be contained to England. New York and Paris are fine - hence the jet that Jim sees while he’s escaping in the woods, and the one that sees them at the end.

A return to the classic zombie flicks? I don’t know. I was hoping for an old school slasher flick, not the artsy commentary on human nature that it turned into.

That said, I did enjoy the movie. It was different, it was well done. It wasn’t scary or even tense, but it did have its moments.

[spoiler]But where were the dead bodies? Deserted streets my ass! There should have been bodies everywhere. Especially if all of England had been quarantined.

Oh well. I suppose they wanted the dramatic “wandering through an empty city” section. I won’t ever let a single glaring inconsistancy ruin the whole movie for me.[/spoiler]

I guess I’m a big baby, because it scared the crap outta me. :eek:

I really liked the movie up until the end when

Jim went all commando on the unit of soldiers.

That just seemed very out-of-the-blue to me.

I thought it was extremely dumb, illogical and poorly made. All the ‘happy’ scenes as they drive thru the countryside, having a picnic, etc. Then, just as they have hope for survival, they get all politically correct about the soldiers and their idea of repopulating their world. I would have walked out, but the wife convinced me to stay to see how it came out.

…“politically correct?”

I must respectfully disagree. Either that, or you’re kidding.

And this AIN’T a remake of “The Omega Man.” A lot of people have been comparing it to “The Last Man On Earth,” the movie that “Omega Man” is a remake OF, but I suspect that’s due to the European flavor of the movie (LMOE takes place in Spain, whereas 28D takes place in England).

And did we really need yet another mindless zombie gutmuncher? The Italians, at last count, were STILL making those. At least this one had some interesting new ideas.

Yeah, I guess that makes sense. I still think it would’ve been DAMN cool if the movie ended by showing scenes of big cities totally empty. Oh well.

I suspect the evacuation might have had something to do with it. That and the only “dead” would be those killed by the zombies, other would be infect and would seek shelter (sun…bad!). We’re not clear on what the zombies are doing with their victims, if they just infect, or if they try to eat them. Given that the zombies don’t attack other zombies (even for food, it would seem) I suspect that the 20-30 second infection rate would mean anyone attacked by zombie who could partially fend them off (i.e. wounded but not killed by them) for half a minute, would become a zombie. Then they’d all go running around the happy zombie infested world. This is my lame-ass justification.