Anyone seen "Battle Royale?"

(referring to a MESSED UP Japanese flick from last year)

And what did you think?

Not bad…harsh abrasive and interesting in its own right.
Not for the faint of heart though but definitely for people who appreciate black humor (the hilarious training video for instance…anyone who has watched the happy happy Japanese commercials of today would crack up at the perky chick explaining how to kill people)

I found the talent to be far more believable as school kids than I thought coming in. The reactions to the situation were pretty much spot on (some panic, some try and make solidarity, some turn to homicidal mania) and I like the casting, particularly the two boys brought in special to participate.

You can’t go wrong with Beat Takeshi as the instructor either.

Plus the first shot of last years winner being escorted away (girl clutching the doll and grinning) was very very cool looking.

Overall…a well made look at society, friendship, and innocence lost. Should become a cult hit with a few more people once it starts getting out on more wider release in America. I have got at least 7 addicted to it

I’ve also seen it. I watched it on VCD. As a student of Japanese language I found it more complex than others who only viewed it as a kill-fest flick.

As Sir Heath Doolinster III eloquently noted, the black comedy is crisp (and yes, I’m current with many Japanese TV shows, and commercials).

Takeshi (eye glitch and all) can’t be beat.

I guess my only drawback was the suicides. I would think less would have resorted to it. But that’s my opinion. Given the circumstances I guess I’d be fighting it out to the bitter end. But it’s a movie. I liked the petty disputes more among the girls, than the guys. I know women like that…if they had opportunity, and the legal right, they’d do it. I’m sure they’d regret it later, but they’d still do it.

Japanese love societal flicks like this. Currently, I’m watching the series “FIVE”…where again, society has a crushing force on the characters. Five female convicts who help an underground organization, because life as a felon has no future in society.

Jet Black

Heath, where did you get your DVD? I’d like to get a copy of this movie that A) is from some semi-reliable source; B) would play on an American DVD player; C) is a decent copy, not a cheap bootleg; D) has English dubbing or subtitles; and E) isn’t too outrageously priced. Any leads or suggestions?

Nemo, damn ask for the world, don’t you? Hah!

The VCD had subtitles. Though it’s not up to DVD quality, and it was on 2 disks, so it sucked.

But it’s watchable.

Good luck in your quest, my friend.

Jet Black

Hmmm…I’m back, I just thought if Nemo is asking this of Heath Doolin, perhaps this bloke can help me, too.

I’m looking for “Food Fight” TV comedy/drama series. (about a year ago)

a) - The collection (box set)

b) - Subtitled

That’s it. I don’t care if it’s on DVD, VCD, or video tape. I just want it subitled, and the series. It only aired for one season in Japan (as most TV dramas do). I’ve search online, but nothing so far.

On that note:

I’d also like “Shomuni”(Office women II) box set. But only the DVD. I have the VCD but it’s butchered, and cut up - damn pirate Singapore crap! They cut all the end credit songs, “One way Drive”, and even a tiny bit of the openging song. Can it be found subtitled on DVD?

Jet Black

The Dvd was a Japanese release but will only play on that regions dvd (I picked one up when I was there). It came with the translation and was a very good transfer (I seen the VCD one too…I know what you mean Jet). I will consult my resources for both of you guys and see if I can locate them

(Jet…I am pretty sure I can find something on Food Fight…it was one of my friend Chin’s favorite if I am thinking of the same one As for Shomuni, I will ask)

Food Fight ROCKED!

I just love the hi-concept series the Japanese come up with. I wish I could produce half the ideas they do. Sure not all of them are gems, but they try so many variations. Unlike America where everything is distilled and over-processed until it’s bland of all flavor.

Heath, so how long were you in Japan? I’m hoping to go next year. I’m studying the language and culture now. But there’s nothing better than actually being there.

Jet Black

Oops…forgot to add stuff, again. ( I really wish you coud edit your posts). Anyway…

I have access to an Apex all-region player.

The trick is finding the disks I want subtitled. I saw Food Fight episodes 1 - 4, on my local international channel. But they cut into the series for something else. Pissed me off like NO TOMORROW. You should have heard the cussing!

If all else fails, I’ll just get the Japanese version. After all, I am learning the language. But I’m still a babe in the woods. I can barely get through a few sentences, much less an entire episode.

As far as wishlist electronic hardware goes…I’d kill cute small furry animals for a Japanese PS2. Then I can buy PS2 imports. So many MORE games than the trickle we get state side. And such a wide range of diverse titles, too.

Gah, listen to me…I’m a drooling idiot.

Jet Black