Anyone seen "The Kite Runner"?

(No spoilers in OP) I saw this last week and thought it was pretty good - I’m surprised there isn’t a thread about it already.

Let me start by saying I have not read the book, so I have no idea how it compares or how faithful it is. I liked the movie, but I left the theater with no desire to ever see it again or to read the book. I found it very emotionally draining and sometimes difficult to watch. I would have a hard time recommending this movie because there is a considerable amount violence.

I am actually really pissed about the movie’s rating. It is only PG-13, and I feel like it is a “hard” R. I walked into the movie thinking not that much “bad stuff” would be in it because of the rating, and I was sorely disillusioned. If it had had an R rating, I think I would have been more prepared for the violence and not caught so off-guard.

I saw it a few months ago at a sneak preview, and also thought it was pretty good. I didn’t know what the rating was. PG-13 does indicate a certain level of violence so I’m not sure why you were so shocked. It’s not worth a hard R. Somewhere between the two, I’d say. I agree that there are some scenes that are hard to watch. Based on the lead character, this is the movie that should have been called “Atonement” because much atonement was called for for his actions toward his friend.

I haven’t read the book either.