Anyone solved this Brain Torture puzzle?

25: lashes with a wet noodle

Rather than helping you answer the puzzle itself, I’ll answer this question. The puzzle was originally published in GAMES magazine back in the 1980s. They’ve since published several additional sets.


Too easy:

2 All Beef Patties Special Sauce Lettuce Cheese Pickles Onions On A Sesame Seed Bun.

Quite right- these puzzles first appeared in Games, back when Will Shortz (now editor of the NY Times crossword puzzle) was their editor. But the game has spread so far and so wide, and has been around so long, most people don’t know the source. I’ve heard Will say that people send him that puzzle at least once a month, and tell him “You should publish this,” and he has to tell them for the thousandth time, “I DID, actually.”

The current editors of Games say the same thing.

I got a couple of these, but these are too cultural-specific.

1 P. in a H.A. =

1 proton in a hydrogen atom

Give that man a cigar! :smiley:

Sounds fun. Try this:

7 L.Y. in 19 Y.

O.K. start off with an easy one:
66 or 73 B in the B

7 L.Y. in 19 Y. =
7 leap years in 19 (Babylonian) years???

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By the way, one of these is wrong

That should either be
53 C. in the D. with a J.
54 C. in the D. with the J.
Most decks I’m familiar with have 52 playable cards – adding a a single joker only gets to 53. You need to add the (two) jokers to get 54.

66 or 73 Books in the Bible

These are a few I have either seen written up for friends a long time ago. Let me include a few that I remember now (some of these I think are America-centric):

  1. 57 = H.V.
  2. 76 = T. that L. the B.P.
  3. 9 = L. of a C.
  4. 6 = P. for a T.
  5. 100 = C. in a M.
  6. 451 = D.F. when P.B.
  7. 33 = N. on a R.R.B.
  8. 3 = B.M. (S.H.T.R.)
  9. 6 = C. on The B.B.
  10. 9 = S. in T.T.T.

How about:

14 L. of I.P. in a S.S.

Children on the Brady Bunch.

Couldn’t get 4 and 10.

  1. 9 = S. in T.T.T.

9 Squares in Tic Tac Toe.

14 L of IP in a SS =

14 levels of Inscrutable Politeness in a Samurai Showdown

did I get it?

I can’t believe no one has said:

9 F. in the S.D.M.B.