Anyone still remember the ZOOM address?

Back on the original and vastly superior ZOOM they always encouraged viewer mail at the end and they sang the address that you send it to.

For most of my childhood I knew that address as well as my own, but now the only part I remember is “Boston, Mass”

So anyone still remember it? (And looking it up is cheating! I want to know if anyone has actually retained it from their childhood)

Oh and I remember it was a PO Box

box 350
Boston mass

I’ve been able to sing that at the drop of a hat since I was a kid!

I can’t even remember the melody anymore :’( :,( :’(

Meebee neebeether.

When I was little I always said that when I grew up I was going to have big ZOOM letters in my house. Apparently I’d forgotten all about that until just now, since I have yet to do it. I’d best get crackin’.

Take your typerwriter, pencil or pen
and if you make a mistake, you gotta do it again.


David doesn’t know what he’s talking about
You put it in an envelope without a doubt.

I just recently wrote this in a thread here (about The Electric Company, actually.) I knew one of the girls from the second bunch, the black one named Andrea. She was a pretty stuck-up snob. Maybe being on TV when you’re 11 makes it hard not to be a stuck-up snob.

Hmm. I thought it was “Box 354” - mebbe I just heard it slurred into Boston Mass…

Definitely “box three-five-oh”

I could never remember the zip code though.

Send it to Zoom!

Can still call it up without effort, I was imprinted at an early age. Ub-I cu-ban stub-il spub-eek uububbubby-dububbubby ub-at wub-il.

Didn’t they wear striped rugby shirts, too? I totally loved the original Zoom!

You gotta sing it!

Box three-five-oh.
Boston, Mass.
Send it to Zoom!

That said, I can only remember a few details about the cast. My sister didn’t like “Tishie” for some reason, and there was a black kid who had a brief monologue before one of the dance numbers to explain why he’d be limping around (he’d injured himself in rehearsal).

rundogrun knows it! :slight_smile:

WGBH revived ZOOM in 1999. Believe it or not, this is still their address.

Ibbive bibben abbabubble tubbo ribbimebbemb-ber thabbat abbadrebbess sibbince Ibbi wabbas abba kibbid. Ibbit’s abbas mubbuch abba pabbart obbof m’bby cabbache offof ubbuselebbess knobbolebbege abbas ubbubbubby-dubbubbubby.

[sub] I hope y’all didn’t get as much of a headache reading that as I did writing it. Apparently, ubby-dubby is not meant to be a written language.[/sub]

But for the subtle wizardry of ZOOM, I would never have known what a S.A.S.E. was.

I, unfortunately, thought that “self- addressed stamped envelope” meant an envelope that I had addressed all by myself:slight_smile:
…bastards never responded:(

I, unfortunately, thought that “self- addressed stamped envelope” meant an envelope that I had addressed all by myself:slight_smile:
…bastards never responded:(

Funny to see a thread about Zoom! My kids and I were acting goofy a couple days ago and I started doing that “Bernadette thing” - you know, saying “I’m Bernadette!” in a perky voice while doing that crazy elbows-touching butterfly deal with my arms. The kids instantly stopped laughing and just stared at me as if they were trying to figure out how a five-year old and an eight-year-old could get their father committed to a mental institution.

Can you list the other intros for the original Zoom! cast? I remember Mike (the heavy curly-haired strawberry blond boy) would pitch, swing, and catch the ball in sequence - a marvel of 1970’s video post-production techniques.

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