Anyone take bee pollen?

I’ve heard that it gives you energy, and I’m just curious if it works.

Sometimes… No clue on energy… Better off sleeping and eating correctly…

I had a vegetarian friend once who took it for B vitamins or something like that, and although I can’t tell you if it works, it was nasty. He had a big jar of it in little clumps (not the capsules), and would just empty a pile on his hand and throw it down the hatch, followed by a swig of water. I tried it and just about gagged (and I have a well-honed gag reflex!)

Ok, what the hell is bee pollen? Bees don’t make pollen, flowers do.

Ah, it’s crap.

I tried it, but it seemed to cause an allergic reaction in me. A slight one, but it was consistent.

My mother sent me some bee pollen tablets which claim to have a large quantity of vitamin B. They’re called “Naturebee.” I can say that after taking them I sleep more fitfully, and wake up more soundly. Maybe it’s just psychological, but I got them for free, so why not? I haven’t heard anything that says bee pollen is toxic,

Forgive me, I’m not trying to be a smart-ass. What does it mean to wake up more soundly?

One of my peers swore by it as relief from hayfever and allergies in general. I think I’m going to get some and try it.

I love this place.

That was why I tried it. Well that and I needed an energy boost. But I would take it and seem to have some problems breathing for the first hour or two after. I stopped taking it.

I was going to get it for my wife. She just woke up and told me it didn’t work for here. Oh, well.

I don’t think that’s the word you want there, is it?

Anything I say after 4:00am on Sunday morning (and after going out to several salsatheques) should be disregarded. Sorry.

Now that I’ve had some coffee, I can only say that sometimes I feel somewhat better rested after taking these bee pollen tablets my mother has sent me. That probably is all psychosomatic.

soundly = having rested better, without disturbance

ftfully = fittingly, for without distrubances

At four am, I’m not going to be particular. But thanks for the notifications! I appreciate them.