anyone think this is real

If it’s a joke, he’s dragging it out pretty far. The snopes thread is almost a year old.

Did you read the site? The guy has a job, talks about hanging out in bars for hours, posted a picture of himself at a WWE fanfest type event, and yet he’s begging for towels? He’s either a scammer, or unable to prioritize his spending. Either way, fuck him. Save your charity for people that deserve it.

Dude how the fuck did you get so judgemental? Leaving aside for a minute the question about whether he is a scammer, why does the fact that he has a job, hangs out in bars and likes wrestling make him less deserving? So he can’t prioritize his spending. You are saying that if he really is handicapped and really does need help to keep from pissing on himself (personally I would think a sheath catheter would be more efective) he does not deserve it because he can’t “prioritize his spending”. Thats cold.

Please don’t think that I am trying to argue that this guy is legit, I do not know if he is or not, the point is none of us know.

Being handicapped doesn’t mean you can’t be an asshole, nor is it a license to scam other people.

It’s real simple. You spend your money on necessities first, and then if there is any left over, you can spend it on non-essentials. If his story is true, he needs to spend more money on buying his own fucking towels, and less on going to bars, attending wrestling, or setting up “poor little me” websites. Again, he’s either a scammer or a dumbass. Neither deserves charity.

Not according to his Yahoo profile.

In the removed link to the scammer’s website, he refered to going to work. Thus, he has a job.

Piss through an internal or external catheter while sitting? Yes.
Piss in a bottle while sitting? Yes.
Piss in a baggie while sitting? Yes.
Piss at a toilet while sitting across from it? askptic, he’s pulling your dick.

It’s all a ploy

(1) Collect Urine Towels
(2) ???
(3) Profit!!!

That’s a hasty conclusion. On his website he directly implies that he has a job. On his profile he says that he does not have a job. Could be that his circumstances changed over time, or could be that he posts whatever he feels is convenient to his story.

Gee, thanks sooo much for that keen insight.
:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
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That’s what bugs me. Why the fuck does he need money for TOWELS?? They’re like five bucks apiece – less, if you buy them from thrift shops. Or you can “acquire” them for free, from hotels & medical centers, or steal napkins from restaurants when no one’s looking – that wheelchair’s gotta have enough space to stuff a whole freakin’ bathroom set!

And he’s not even asking for towels, he’s asking for money. And advertizing his scam site on random message boards, and not even owning up to the fact that it’s his. (I wonder if he bothered coming back to read this thread…probably not, he already knows what a jerkass he is, handicap or no handicap.)

Why was this thread unlocked?

On the New York Craiglist, he is trying to rent advertising space on his wheelchair. He concludes his plea with “no – it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests.” Rather ironic.

He gives his phone number (which is for a different address than that on his pee towel page, but at least is in the same state), so anyone who wants to speak with him about his story, just call him.

My guess? An attention whore in a wheelchair with a sense of humour.

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If you mouse over the “VISA Donate” icon on his site, the popup says “make payments with paypal - it’s fast, free and secure”, but if you click on it you go to a non-secure site that has paypal logos all over it and asks for your credit card info. :mad:

Ah a phisher, too. Don’t suppose anyone has the Virginia Attorney General’s e-mail address handy?

I wonder if it’s some kind of experiment, or something. You know, a sort of, “Let’s see how many people fall for this shit!”

Another suggestion, even better than paper towels-why not use plastic bags, like big garbage bags? Hell, he wouldn’t even have to pay for them, if he reused plastic grocery bags.

I think we’ve found bdgr’s step 2.

It took me to a secure Paypal site, security certificate and all. Remember that Paypal can be set up for credit cards as well (go to their main page and select “merchant” for more info on this.)

I expect that he is after cash through his misleading advertising, rather than after cash from stolen credit card numbers.