Save Toby...what the hell?

Check this out.
Im not really sure who to pit here. First we have some guy asking for money to NOT boil and eat a rabbit. Then we have the idiots who have, so far, sent him over 15k.

Where in the hell do these people come from? And what kinda PETA nut is actually sending this jackass money? I did some checking and the site seems to be legit. If someone knows anything different, please, please, let me know.

Funny. I took this site about as seriously as Bonsai Kitten. The people who are sending him money are folks like you, who apparently actually believe it’s going to happen, but who are soft-headed enough to get panicky because it’s a fuzzy cute thing that’s “gonna get killed!!!”

Never mind that people cook and eat rabbits every single freakin’ day. Never mind that modern rabbit breeds started out being raised for MEAT in the first place.

I just wanted to clarify that “folks like you” is modified by the phrase “who apparently actually believe it’s going to happen”, and not by the phrase “but who are soft-headed enough etc, etc, etc”. Didn’t want to accidentally pit Dob there… :slight_smile:

oh fuck that…its on now! I have added you to my enimies list, well, I actually just wrote your name down on a post-it note. But sometime soon I will be adding it to my enimies list!!! :slight_smile: glare

Just to clairify tho, I dont give a fig about the bunny. I have had rabbit stew before and its pretty damn good. I was pitting the jackass who thought up the idea, and the knuckles who sent the money.

MMMmmmm. Hassenpfeffer.

I wanna help, but I’m torn between the thong and the throw pillow.

Websense won’t let me look at your link.

How about that?

If the information on the site is accurate the guy has received about $15000 so far.

This is outrageous. (Why didn’t I think of it first?)

  1. I can’t enter the Save Toby site, it appears to be down ATM.

  2. Googling revealed it to be a hoax:

  3. Hi, Opal!
    I’ve always wanted to do that!

Well, it appears Paypal ain’t too happy with it. They’ve cut off his account. Try clicking one of the donate buttons. Paypal gives a message saying that this user is no longer able to receive money.

I’m sorry to nitpick, but it’s “enemies”. Enimies sounds like something related to Eminem.

And rabbit sausage is yummy. And I want to try Hassenpfeffer one day.

That jackass just made over $15k. I wonder if this work with one of my Pugs? :smiley:

Seems like the CafePress merchandise link is still good though. Be the first on your block to own a Save Toby trucker cap!

Classic tomfoolery; I particularly like the twinkly soap opera music during the opening slide show. National Lampoon would be proud. And then sue, probably. But they’d sue with pride.

Thanks Yamir. I bow to your superior googling skills. I did check skoopes but didnt find anything.

And its not a nitpick Anaa, my spelling is always atrociousas :slight_smile:

Damn, there goes my make-money-fast-by-working-at-home idea…

:slight_smile: I was waiting for an accusation that I was a sockpuppet, trying to trick people into donating.

Mmmmm…braised rabbit with fig demiglaze! Great idea!

Allright suckers, I’ve got 3lbs. of chicken breast here and unless I get a million dollars I’m going to eat it for dinner. I’ll serve it with rice and green beans.

I’ve got poultry magic and wok oil and I’m not afraid to use it. :mad:

I pit the radio talkshow morning morons in my city for their credulous reading of the text of this web site over the air. Blarg!

This is going to start giving Al-Qaeda ideas. I have an image in my head of a grainy video of a blindfolded and trembling rabbit on a filthy floor in front of an Arabic banner, flanked by masked and headscarved AK 47 toting thugs: “Tell your war-mongering Great Satan Bush that all running dog US troops are to pull out of the holy Muslim state of Iraq by the end of the week, or the infidel bunny rabbit dies!” Be even funnier if they waited until Easter to do it. I know, I know, I’m going to hell.

If they really want to show America, they should grab the turkeys pardoned by the President. That’d really show us infidels, and they look scrum-diddly-umtious.