anyone think this is real

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Who the hell knows? If he is that bad off he is eligible for SSA disability, and / or Medicare / Medicaid, and with a shred of thriftiness (sp?) can have a good life, in conjunction with public housing and other public assistance. Begging like he is online is a bit shady. If you want to help the needy, donate to your local church or the Salvation Army, etc. Not some dude you find online, cripes.

Here’s a snopes messageboard discussion about the website and the owner.

Since this isn’t selling crap from Hong Kong, I’ll let it stand for now. Just to see if our members can add to the info.

And now that I’ve looked harder, the OP is the owner of the website. Banned his ass.

I’ll leave this visible just to let people know how devious the web can be.

Moving this to the Pit. Fucking asshole.

samclem GQ moderator

Good. From reading the link, the first thought that came to my mind was if the guy didn’t spend so much time in bars, he could probably afford to buy his own towels.

I am guessing he is hoping people will just send him money instead of towls? I wonder how long before he gets caught in his scam?

Quote from site " I am working on this site so people can donate money for my towels or towels them self to

P.O BOX 1047

I want to know how I would go about towelling myself to a PO Box number.

Heh. I’d written up half a page about idiots who beg for money on the Internet (does that even work? I could use some extra spare change) and suddenly it dawned on me – “I’ll bet this guy’s a spammer pimpin’ his own website.”

What a shame. If the guy actually begged for TOWELS (not money) and hosted pictures of his “Towel Rack Of Fame”, etc…it could have been something.

You could at least break the link so he doesn’t get any easily-accessible free hits…

Done. Anyone who really wants to see the site can follow samclem’s link in post #3 to the Snopes discussion of it.

The OP here is also the OP on Snopes.

Well, he sure ain’t a hoopy frood.

Oh for fuck sake! If this guy is for real he deserves a little slack. Fuck me I feel sorry enough for the guy that I am going to look in to it and if its for real I will sure as shit send the guy a box of towels.

Anybody got any insight?

Seems a little hartless to ban the guy so quick, I mean if he is legit a little compasion seems to be in order. No? Handicapped people trying to survive aren’t the same as scumbag spammers. Granted I smell something a little fishy and am suspiscious, but on the chance the guy is for real I would prefer to be seen as gulible rather than risk being a hartless prick to somebody in need.

You’re sure not living up to your name, askeptic.

You aren’t bothered in the least by the fact that the OP was asking whether the site was real when in fact it was his own site? It seems clear that he was attempting to subvert the rule prohibiting advertising.

Is there any reason an empty Mountain Dew bottle couldn’t do the same trick? it’s cheap and reusable. Why use towels.

People might confuse his Mountain Dew bottle with actual Mountain Dew. Especially if they taste it.

I’m thinking “Stadium Buddy.”

Why couldn’t he just use paper towels?

You’ve got a point. I think he should go after a Bounty endorsement.

Talk about making lemonade!